5 Best Chlorine and Chloramine Shower Filters from Reddit : (Comparison Guide)

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The most important thing we can do is to protect our skin and hair from the damaging effects  of chlorine and chloramine. I would like to introduce you to the 5 best chlorine and chloramine shower filters that will effectively remove chlorine and chloramine plus other contaminants.

These shower filters are Pelican, Berkey,  pH ENERGIZE 15-Stage Shower Filter, Aqua Earth Vitamin C Shower Filter and Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters. These shower filters  fit the description put forth for really effective shower filters to remove class 1 and class 3 contaminants including chlorine and chloramine from your shower water.

No more dry or flaky skin or brittle and hard to manage hair. You’ll have softer, smoother skin plus eliminating unpleasant odors from your shower water.

These shower filters are the best bet for an improved  skin and hair without spending a fortune.  Consumers have a reason to love these products. Here’s a summary of the findings about these products:

Why Use a Shower Filter?

Lots of regular water nowadays, despite the city a person might happen to be in, may very well be contaminated possessing hundreds of many different toxins including copper along with additional metals, chlorine, chloramine, chemical compounds, pesticides, herbicides, as well as several other microscopic materials.


One pollutant that is present in water supplied to households is Chloramine. Chloramine is formed when chlorine and ammonia combine. Chlorine and chloramines are both used as disinfectants.


One huge problem with chloramines is the fact that it corrodes the pipes that carry water. While it corrodes the pipes, the lead exposed in these pipes is mixed with our drinking water.

Drinking water with dissolved lead is extremely dangerous. Even if the drinking water was completely lead-free when it left the plant, it might be contaminated by the time it reaches your house.

Also continuously showering in unfiltered bath water can result in dried out skin as well as hair. The chloramine laced water will evaporate and form gases such as chloroform which are even more harmful.

Also, the skin pores on the skin open up and absorb large quantities of these chemicals while you  showering in warm water.

Those that have skin sensitivities or even eczema discover normally much more severe effects whenever showering with chlorinated water.

These chemicals are dangerous and can cause several  health complications- just one of which is causing anemia in children.

Chloramine is very hard to remove. You cannot rid the water of chloramine by boiling, distillation or even reverse osmosis.

To remove chloramine Simply upgrade the existing shower head along with the shower filter, and you will then notice the results of showering with filtered water virtually instantly.

Chloramine Filters

There are some shower filters that have been built to be able to remove chlorine and also chloramines.

Won’t it be better if you can have a single effective water purifier which is not only efficient against chloramines but is equally effective in removing all other contaminants as well?

Typically the shower filter should be  equipped with more than one filter which are specialized units designed for specific types of contaminants. Such cutting edge technologies include:

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is one of the most effective antioxidants that fights free radicals with numerous proven health benefits.One (1) gram of vitamin c will neutralize 1ppm (parts per million) of chlorine in a 100 gallons of water.

Vitamin C shower filters perform well with any water pressure, low or high and remains constant over the lifetime of the filter.

  • Solid Carbon Block

The system needs not only contain granular activated carbon, but a solid carbon block to be more effective. With granula activates carbon, water can be channeled around the granules, thus avoiding purification.

  • Ion Exchange for Copper & Lead

Traces of copper and lead are problems in many homes, because of the pipes.  They are also problems because chemicals like chlorine and chloramines eat away at the joints and the inside of the pipelines.

The problem is particularly bad in older homes and older cities, where the infrastructure has yet to be replaced.  Years ago, an expensive reverse osmosis step was the only solution for reducing lead and copper.  Today, we have ion exchange.

Ion exchange is more effective and less expensive than reverse osmosis.  Not to mention the fact that reverse osmosis strips the water of any naturally occurring mineral content.

If you need a chloramine filter, you need ion exchange, because the chances of a slight lead content are greater.

  • Sub-micron Filtration for Cysts

Cysts are illness-causing pathogens that are resistant to the disinfection methods used by public treatment facilities.  The illness that is caused by cysts is something like food poisoning.  So, the average person can “shake it off”.  But, like food poisoning, the illness can kill someone with a weakened or dysfunctional immune system.

If you need a chloramine filter, you also need sub-micron filtration to remove cysts, because the EPA says that they can be present in any public water supply at any time.  Since, chloramines are primarily used to treat public water supplies; you could be exposed to cysts.

  • Special Resins for THMs and VOCs

VOCs are organic compounds like perchlorate.  You might not need a step to reduce VOCs, but you never know, because treatment facilities are not required to test for them.

But, if you need a chloramine filter, you need a step to remove THMs, because they are cancer-causing byproducts that are created when chloramines interact with bacteria.  Purifiers that remove THMs also remove VOCS.  So, you would be covered.

  • Retaining Minerals

The traces of minerals are good for your health and researchers have found that those traces actually contribute to a person’s recommended daily mineral allowance. 

These chloramine filters also realize the importance of retaining essential minerals. They retain minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

  • All of the Above

The best shower filter  on the market contains all of the necessary steps to reduce all of the contaminants mentioned here and more.  The additional advantage with these purifiers is the fact that they are very reasonably priced and come with replacement cartridges which too are economically priced.

With the best shower filter, you should certainly also enjoy much more manageable hair and a lot softer, better hydrated skin.

There are many effective carbon filters available in the market today. Let’s take a look at these top 5 best and beautifully designed shower filters.

Best Chlorine and Chloramine Shower Filter

In this post we’ll compare Berkey, Pelican, Aquasana,  AquaHomeGroup Shower Filter, and Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters based on the following features;

Filtration media

Flow rate

Filter Lifespan

Filter Design

Consumer Report

Sonaki Inline Vitamin C Shower Filter

Sonaki Inline Shower Filter features an impressive system that removes 99.9% of chlorine and chloramine. This is the best shower filter for chlorine and chloramine. It employs vitamin C in the form of crystal ascorbic acid to effectively remove chlorine and chloramine.

If you have sensitive skin, this filter can also help you against skin and hair problems like dandruff and eczema. The vitamin C is diluted in the water removing the chlorines and chloramines.

Filtration media 

[TABS_R id=4459]

Flow rate

This is a high-flow water filter. It also does not reduce water pressure.

Filter lifespan

It will neutralize any of the chlorine or chloramine that it encounters in the water for up to 3000 liters of water or approximately 3 months of normal usage. It needs to be changed when the Vitamin C powder in the yellow filter is gone.

Part of the package includes replacement cartridges as well as a wrench for swapping out filters.

Filter design 

The filter has a fairly straightforward design: a universal joint one end that you screw into your plumbing fixture and a second adapter on the opposite end that supports the head.

It weighs less and its compact design shows that it can be used with any showerhead you have including a handheld shower too.

Consumer report 

With a Sonaki Inline Shower Filter, you experience a more pleasant taste, smell, and feel in your showers. Many buyers’ reports have a similar feeling to those salons and spas that offer vitamin c showers for guests.

100% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C.
The Vitamin Filter Cartridge Plastic is recyclable.
Easy to install
Value for money
Improves the skin and the hair
Does not remove fluoride

Pelican Shower Filter

Filter media

Pelican shower filter is equipped with a 3-step filtration system which includes KDF-55D, Activated Carbon and Calcium Sulfite.

[TABS_R id=4382]

These 3 filtration media combine to effectively reduce 96% of more than 60 contaminants including chlorine and chloramine from your shower water. This will make the shower water much less harsh leaving your skin and hair feeling significantly softer.

Flow Rate

The pelican shower filter has a good flow rate.It comes with a dual flow shower head where you can switch between high flow or water conservation (High flow – 2.5 gallons per minute or
2.0 gallons per minute water conservation). It also does not reduce water pressure.

Filter lifespan

The pelican shower filter boasts of 15000 gallons, the highest in the market no other shower filter can match that. This is approximately 6 months of normal usage. Its high filter lifespan makes it most suitable in  large homesor if you  take long showers.

Filter design

Its ergonomic design maintains your existing shower pressure and will  blend in seamlessly with your existing bathroom fixtures.

Its installation process will take less than 10 minutes. You simply mount it directly on the shower spouts.  It comes with 5 foot handheld massage sticks available for purchase separately.

Consumer report

The Pelican shower filter boasts of a lot of benefits. Many buyers’ reports indicate the showers feel more refreshing resulting in an improved moisturized skin and lustrous and shiny hair.

Reduces 96% of chlorine for 15000 gallons. This is most suitable in  large homes.
A dual flow shower head to switch between high flow or water conservation.
Does not reduce water pressure
An aromatherapy scent bar that one can choose
A quick connect fast filter change
One-year warranty, and filters last five years.
Does not filter fluoride
Does not filter iron

pH ENERGIZE 15-Stage Shower Filter

Filter media

15 powerful stages collectively remove 99.9% of chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals including fluoride. These 15 stages are summarized below.

[TABS_R id=4409]

These cutting-edge technologies will ensure the quickest, safest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to naturally reduce dry and flaky skin, improving your hair’s shine and feel, as well as support healthier hair, skin, hair, and nails.

 Flow rate

This shower filter has a decent flow rate of 2.0 gallons/min. This water pressure is consistent enough than an inline water filter.

Filter lifespan

pH 15 stage shower filter will last between 10,000 – 12,000 gallons or approximately 6 months of normal usage.

Filter design

The filter housing of the pH ENERGIZE Shower Filter is made from ABS plastic with a quality product, solid and well-constructed chrome finish. It is BPA-free too. The shower filter is also lightweight and it’s very easy to install.

If perhaps you are concerned about losing your handheld sprayer or even massaging showerheads, do not be. You’ll be able to buy a hand-held shower filter which you can use with one’s shower wand or head.

Customer report

Most consumers have experienced instant differences after using this shower filter. There’s less need for soap, shampoo, and conditioner to lather since. The softened water lather up very quickly.

Effectively removes fluoride,chlorine, chloramine lead and a host of heavy metals
Easy to install
Value for money 
One of the longest-lasting water filters on the market.
Remineralizes water to balance the pH
Reduces water pressure a little
Possible leaks

Berkey Shower Filter

Berkey shower filter is a cost-effective two-stage shower filter that combines proven natural minerals to remove 95% of chlorine, and other heavy metals while replacing them with healthy potassium ions. The pH of the shower water also balances and bad odor is neutralized.

Berkey’s level of effectiveness is so good and is regarded as a water purifier, not just a filter not to mention its longevity and affordability.

[TABS_R id=4442]

Flow rate

It boasts of a good flow rate (2.0 gallons/min). It comes with a dual flow shower head where you can switch between high flow or water conservation. It also maintains your existing shower pressure.

Filter lifespan

Berkey filter cartridge boasts of one year or 20,000 gallons. This high filter lifespan makes it convenient for large households.

Filter design

The Berkey offers 3 relaxing settings, which include mists, spray, and massage. It’s made of an ergonomic design that blends in seamlessly with your existing bathroom fixtures.

It’s easy to install. You simply mount it directly on the shower spouts. No leaks, no cracks.

Consumer report

The shower filter has significant health benefits by removing the toxic chemicals in the water. This leads to a drastic positive reaction of the skin.

The skin retains its natural oils and becomes more moisturized. As a result, this shower filter is the most affordable way of avoiding hair loss and dryness in the scalp. The key to healthier hair and scalp plus the vibrant color is cooler water temps (no steam in sight!)

Eliminates up to 95% of chlorine and disease causing bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.
Filters heavy metals
Enhances pH balance
Value for money
Easy to install
Berkey Filters do not have NSF certification
Does not remove chloramine, fluoride

Aqua Earth Vitamin C Shower Filter

Aqua Earth has put their know-how to make a well-engineered shower head filter that can filter chlorine and chloramine and other heavy metals.

Even if your water quality is perfectly safe, your hair and skin might still benefit from Aqua Earth filtered shower filter. This shower filter uses advanced filter technology to filter 10,000 – 12,000 gallons or approximately 6 months of normal usage.

Filter media

[TABS_R id=4468]

Filter lifespan

This shower filter will last between 10,000 – 12,000 gallons or approximately 6 months of normal usage.

Flow rate

One drawback with this shower filter is that it will reduce the water pressure but not by too much.

Filter design

The filter housing of the Aqua Earth Shower Filter is made from ABS plastic with a quality product, solid and well-constructed chrome finish. It is BPA-free too.

Whether you have a wall-mounted or handheld showerhead, you can install this shower filter.

Customer report

Most consumers have experienced instant difference after using this shower filter. There’s less need for soap, shampoo, and conditioner to lather since. The softened water lather up very quickly.

These 5 filtration media combine to effectively reduce 96% of more than 60 contaminants, including chlorine and chloramine from your shower water. This will make the shower water much less harsh leaving your skin and hair feeling significantly softer.

A good shower filter setup in our homes is the ideal solution for hard water problem. After all, is there anything better than 99.9% clean and pure water costing less than 10 cents per gallon?

Remineralizes water to balance the pH
Value for money
One of the longest-lasting water filters on the market.
This is an excellent filter
Easy to install
Improves the skin and the hair 
Doesn’t remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals.
does not remove bacteria
Reduces water pressure


What shower filter removes chloramine?

There are various brands and types of chloramine and free chlorine shower filters in the market made to reduce chloramine and free chloramine. Shower filters have different filtration mediums and many  rely on KDF  as a method of removing chloramine and free chlorine.

Some of these shower filters  employ a combination of  KDF and Activated Charcoal (AC) or a similar kind of supplementary medium such as Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate/l-ascorbic acid).

The use of Vitamin C as a method of dechlorination has been used by the EPA for a number of years to dechlorinate wastewater before being reintroduced into water supplies.

Although vitamin C is a more expensive filtration medium, it’s the best method of dechlorination because it is all natural, instantaneous and provides near perfect results. It produces nearly perfect results without a negative impact on the environment.

How do you filter chloramine out of shower water?

The majority of the conventional shower filters will remove small amounts of chloramines and free chlorine from your shower.

KDF shower filters will only remove free chlorine. Their  effectiveness depends on how long the media stays in contact with the free chlorine. Longer contact times cannot occur in a shower filter, and this will limit its overall effectiveness.

But Vitamin C  shower filters will completely neutralize both chloramine and  free chlorine instantly upon contact through simple chemistry.

Is shower filters worth it?

Many chloramines shower  filters utilize a multi-step process. The first phase involves activated carbon (AC)to eliminate various carcinogens in the water. They include THM, radon, and even pesticides.

Then the water might pass through a carbon block, and this carbon filter will remove harmful byproducts such as free chlorine and chloramine that entered the water during the disinfection procedure.

In addition, many filters will also include an ion exchange step, which is great to have because it will eliminate any traces of lead, and it will also balance the minerals in your tap water. In short, chloramines water filters are effective tools for good health and may become more popular as people start to learn more about the chloramines in their water

Why is chlorine and chloramine dangerous?

Chloramine might cause leaching of  lead from lead pipes. The presence of lead in the water supply might cause poisoning. Lead poisoning can cause illnesses such as neurological damage, health problems and even death in young children.

During a warm shower contaminants such as free chlorine, get very unstable in the  hot water and instantly begin to evaporate out of the water. You then begin to inhale the vapor directly into the lungs.

The level of chlorine might vary during the day, but constant exposure to high concentrations of chlorine can lead respiratory illness and in other cases  miscarriage.

How do Vitamin C shower filters work?

Shower filters that use Vitamin C have become viral in recent years because they are the most effective in dechlorinating water from chlorine and chloramine.

Vitamin C shower filters are unique because they use ascorbic acid crystals as the main filtering agent. Most other shower filters use a combination of KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) and GAC (Granulated Activated Charcoal) as their filtering media. As regards chloramine and chlorine, these shower filters have been described as “average”.

In many lab tests by  professionals and individuals, this Vitamin C shower filter has been shown to remove close to 99% of all chlorine from the water. You don’t need to  worry about the temperature, pressure, or quality of the water, either. The Vitamin C shower filter works with any kind of water. An added benefit is this water filter may actually provide nutrients to your skin and hair, too.

Although some Vitamin C shower filters feature replaceable cartridges that can be purchased only when required, they are all extremely effective at removing all types of chlorine and chlorine odors from your water. The true beauty of this type of shower filter is what lies inside.

The Vitamin C shower filter is easy to install and can be used with your existing shower head. As long as your shower head is working effectively, so will this water filter.

 Can you smell chloramine?

Chlorine gas is a yellow-green gas that can be recognized by its pungent, irritating odor, which is like the odor of bleach. Chloramine is a milder alternative to chlorine. Chloramine creates less odor than chlorine and has less of an effect on the taste.

Is chloramine a carcinogen?

Because chloramines persist in the water for longer than other disinfectants, they can have unexpected side effects. For instance, when this type of substance comes into contact with organic matter, it releases what are called disinfection byproducts or DBPs.

These by-products can be toxic. Some are even considered carcinogens in lab animals and might damage organs or weaken immune systems in people who are exposed to them.

Chloramines also increase the amount of lead that gets into the water if they come into contact with lead pipes. While almost all buildings no longer have this kind of plumbing, some older buildings still retain lead piping.

Ordinary water doesn’t pick up very much lead from them, however. Acidic water or drinking water treated with chloramines tends to leach more lead out of these antiquated pipes, increasing the danger to people who live in older buildings.

What are safe levels of chloramine in water? 

Although EPA regulatory agency has set the maximum safety standard for the amount of disinfectant in your drinking water at 3 to 4 parts per million or 4 milligrams per liter (mg/L)it is not truly known whether it is safe or not.

The number of cancer cases that can be traced back to these chemicals indicates that there may be no “safe” level.

Is chloramine vapor deadly?

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Have you ever mixed bleach and ammonia to clean? Of course not! The gases that come out from that mixture can quickly become deadly!

The chloramine gases in your home can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

If someone in your home suffers from asthma or emphysema high concentrations, it can lead to coma and death. I can’t overstate how frightening it is to struggle for a breath!

Do carbon filters remove chloramine?

The average carbon filter will not reduce or remove traces of chloramine. Some carbon filters will only reduce the chloramine content by 50%. Some filters contain charcoal, which will not reduce the chemical content. The filters will simply remove the chlorine smell and slightly improve the taste.

A multi-level water filter can remove chloramine by a high percentage, although the better purifiers will include vitamin C to increase the percentage of reduction to nearly 99%.


There are a lot of other brands of shower filters for many but choosing the very best that works well in your home has never been more important. Having positive Customer reports, winning best buy awards, and third-party celebrity endorsements are great for any brand name but they don’t really mean very much if that shower filter can’t meet your minimum standard of performance.

Before you purchase a good shower filter taking a little extra effort, in the beginning, will end up giving you the best value for the buck in terms of overall health and well-being for you and your family. I guarantee you that these brands mentioned will offer you the best level of protection from chlorine or chloramine. Spend it wisely and pat yourself on the back for taking the first step towards healthier living.

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