5 Best Shower Filters for Removing Chlorine and Chloramine: ( Pros and Cons)

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In terms of household names  in the showerhead filter business the Pelican , Culligan, and Berkey shower filters fit the description put forth for really effective shower filters that  filter out all class 1 and class 3 contaminants including chlorine and odors from your shower water.    Did you know these chemicals strip away the natural oil from your skin and hair causing dry and scaly skin and even premature aging and wrinkles? The greatest exposure to chlorine occurs during a hot shower.

This brings me to look closely at these three popular and searched brands. These shower filters appeal to all those who want to improve the skin and hair without spending a fortune. Consumers have a reason to love these products. Of all the in-line shower filters out there, these three shower filters match any description for the best filters to have ever been done. But in reading customer reviews, one of these shower filters surpasses its opponent to become the best models of shower filter read on to find out.

We will be accurate, smooth, and straight to the point and hopefully this review will help you choose our best buy shower filter.    If you like any of these shower filters, please visit the link below to catch them at their best price. 

Best Shower Filter For Removing Chlorine and Chloramine

1. Pelican Shower Filter

As its name implies, the main purpose of the pelican shower filter is to provide quality water while showering. This model is placed directly on the shower spouts, and it comes with 5 foot handheld massage sticks available for purchase separately. This model is equipped with a 3-step filtration system which includes KDF-55D, activated carbon and calcium sulfite.

Phase 1 filtration uses  a naturally occurring zinc/copper mineral medium called KDF-55D to eliminate chlorine and other contaminants while improving the pH balance. The KDF-55D filter is a combination of copper and zinc.

In Phase 2 of the filtration process,  synthetic chemicals, THMs, and chloramines are removed by activated carbon media through adsorption. When these  contaminants are heated, they  vaporize from the water. You then get to inhale or absorb  through the skin, potentially causing adverse respiratory problems such as asthma and generic problems such as skin eczema and irritation.

Through adsorption, the activated carbon filter will neutralize these contaminants while also removing unpleasant odor making your water smell fresh and clean.

For maximum filtration,  phase 3 uses the calcium sulphite to eliminate chlorine, organic materials and other contaminants.

The Pelican shower filter boasts of a lot of benefits. Many buyers’ reports indicate the showers feel more refreshing resulting in an improved moisturized skin and lustrous and shiny hair. 

It will reduce chlorine and other contaminants for both hot and cold water for 6 months. Its ergonomic design maintains your existing shower pressure and will  blend in seamlessly with your existing bathroom fixtures. Its installation process will take less than 10 minutes.


  • Easy to install 
  • Value for money 
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of chlorine


  • When installed with a low flow showerhead, you’ll only get as many gallons per minutes as the head allows

2. Culligan shower Filter System

If you are looking for the quickest, safest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to naturally reduce  dry and flaky skin, improving your hair’s shine and feel, as well as support healthier hair, skin, hair, and nails, Culligan shower  Filter System one of the best out there.

The Culligan filtration system is an all-in-one solution that  reduces your exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and toxins when you shower.

It uses advanced technology to soften and filter shower water. It’s primarily made to remove chlorine, reducing any hydrogen sulfide odor.

Because it utilizes KDF media, it’s going to reduce the formation of scale which is caused by minerals that are dissolved in your water that precipitate out and stick and cling to the showerhead.  The filter media inside will reduce the hardness minerals and cause them not to build up. 

With softened water the benefits are felt instantly. You’ll notice that you need less soap, shampoo, and conditioner to lather since  soft water lather up quickly — saving you money with every single shower.

The water filter is expected to be durable, filtering 10,000 gallons or six months of shower water. This water filter also delivers a consistent water pressure than  a high-performance inline water filter would.

The item is lightweight and installs in less than 10 minutes.It boasts of several awards and citations.


  • Easy to install
  • Value for money 
  • One of the longest-lasting water filters on the market.
  • This is an excellent filter


  • The handheld water wands are available for purchase separately.

3. Berkey Shower Filter

If you have confidence in the safety of your water, but  chlorine is giving  you dry skin, Berkey Water Filter is another great way to go. Besides filtering chlorine and other contaminants,  the Berkey shower filter will offer 3 relaxing settings, which include  mists, spray and massage.

This shower filter reduces 98% of chlorine and also helps inhibit bacterial growth.

The skin will have a small positive reaction. It will retain its natural oils and become more moisturized. The berkey shower filter reduces water soluble metals such as lead mercury and iron.

Berkey water filter is a cost-effective two-stage shower filter that combines proven natural minerals to remove chlorine, chloramine, fluoride,  hydrogen sulphide, lime scale, mold, algae, fungi, bacteria and also neutralize odor to make your shower water clean and fresh.

The Berkey reduction/  oxidation process has been tested and certified to effectively remove chlorine and other heavy metals while replacing them with healthy potassium ions to balance the pH and neutralize the typical odor.

During the reduction/oxidation reaction electrons are transferred between molecules, creating new elements . Free chlorine  is changed into a benign, water-soluble chloride once it comes into contact with berkey filtration media. This reaction changes free-chlorine to a larger chloride element, too large to evaporate or be absorbed by the skin.The reaction eliminates 95% of chlorine and preconditions the water for more filtration in the second stage

With a Berkey Shower filter rest assured that it will bring reform to your skin and hair. The assembly has continued to be Amazon’s choice because it can be easily and quickly installed. You only require just a bit of the plumber tape and just a hand to tighten the pipe connection. No leaks, no cracks.

The cartridge is rated to be able to purify around 18,000 gallons of water meaning one filter should last the average household the average of 6 months. Nonetheless if the shower water is used more frequently, it will need to be replaced more often.


  • Value for money 
  • Filters heavy metals 
  • Enhances pH balance 
  • Removes harmful pathogenic bacteria from water 
  • Easy to install
  • You can also use your shower head of choice


  • Made of a plastic spigot material hence easily breakable.

4. Sonaki Inline Vitamin C Shower Filter

The Sonaki Inline Shower Filter features an impressive system that lets the water move around the filtration unit to get as many toxins as possible. It will remove 99.9% of chlorine and related compounds from any water source.

Designed for those who have sensitive skin, this filter can also help those who struggle against skin or hair problems like dandruff and eczema. It is so gentle that you can use it on your kids and pets.

This filter has a fairly straightforward design that looks like a T with a universal joint one end  that you screw into your plumbing fixture and a second adapter on the opposite end that supports the head. Since  it weighs less and has a compact design this filter will work with a handheld shower too.

Whether you have a wall mounted or handheld shower head, you can install this shower filter  to see how a simple vitamin can improve your skin hair and skin. The manufacturer gives you replacement cartridges as well as a wrench  for swapping out filters.

With a Sonaki inline Shower Filter you experience a more pleasant taste, smell and feel in your showers with a similar feeling like  those salons and spas that offer vitamin c showers for guests. it will neutralize any of the chlorine or chloramine that it encounters in the water for up to 10, 000 liters of water giving you and your family hours of filtration as you  shower.


  • Easy to install
  • Value for money 
  • Improves the skin and the hair 
  • No chlorine smell 
  • Light weight


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