Best Fleck Water Softener for Well Water: (SXT Series)

Fleck is a reputable manufacturer of industrial-grade water systems such as water filters, control valves, etc. If the name doesn’t tip you off, this is one of the oldest brands in the water purification industry. They have built their brand name over the years with better performance, and durable water softeners.

Fleck water softeners come with a wide selection of sizes, ranging from 24,000 to 96000­-grain capacity.

In this post, we want to dig into the Fleck SXT series: Fleck 5600 SXT, Fleck 9100 SXT Dual-Tank, and Fleck 7000 SXT Water Softener.

To help you get a hands-on look, we want to go beneath the surface level after giving you a look at the basics of the features of these models.

By the time you’re finished reading this comparison, we hope you’ll have a deep understanding of each of these SXT series and more importantly the confidence to choose the water softener that’s right for you.

Fleck 5600 SXT vs. Fleck 9100 SXT vs. Fleck 7000 SXT Water Softeners

Okay, we’re going to cover everything in a lot more detail. But before we dive into the details, we thought it might be helpful to give you a quick overview of the feature specifics of Fleck 5600 SXT, Fleck 9100 SXT Dual-Tank, and Fleck 7000 SXT Water Softener.

If you want the highlights of each of these products give this table a read, but If you prefer the nitty-gritty details keep reading below for a much deeper look.

Fleck 5600 SXTFleck 7000 SXT Fleck 9100 SXT
Ideal for 1-6 people 1- 7 + people 1- 7 + people
Capacity24,000-96,000 Grains48,000 Grains24000-110,000 Grains
Flow Rate 5-12 GPM16 GPM9-22 GPM
Water Usage58-173 Gallons58-173 Gallons58-173 Gallons
Salt Usage10 -45 lbs 10 -45 lbs10 -45 lbs

Fleck 5600 SXT Review

The Fleck 5600T is one of the best models in its category. It has a grain capacity ranging from 24,000 to 96, 000 grains and a flow rate ranging from 5-12 GPM. This capacity can support a household of 5 to 6 persons perfectly.

It has a Noryl Valve body that guarantees reliable water flow. Every connection in this water softener is a vial seal or piston. This guarantees the ultimate durability of the product.

Product features

On-Demand Metered Control

The On-Demand Metered Control allows you to set the softener to suit your needs. This improves performance and uses up to 40% less salt. What sets this water softener apart from its peers is the innovative regeneration system that allows you to measure the amount of water used and only regenerates the required amount of water from the tank meaning that water and energy consumption remains at a bare minimum.

Integrated digital controller

This water softener features an integrated digital controller that’s connected with the main valve to prevent the unit from overfilling and overflowing and the fine mesh resin; you shouldn’t have a problem filtering out metallic particles such as iron, calcium, sulfur, and manganese.

LED display touchpad controls

The Fleck 5600 SXT comes with a digital control head that is accompanied by an LED, water meter valve, and touch controls. The LED display touchpad controls downflow brining and a straightforward interface all of which allows you to work at your own pace and personal preference. The LCD makes it easier to configure the system as the meter helps you save on water and salt.

Different sizes for all households.
Has a safety float that prevents water from overfilling or spilling
Comes with a backup power capacitor
Digitally enabled and controlled
A decent flow due to reduced pressure
It softens hard water of different grades
Advanced electronic controls Runs on 120 V outlets

Fleck 7000 SXT Water Softener System

Fleck 7000 SXT Water Softener is best for larger households. Right out of the bat you’ll love its elongated gpg capacity. Some may consider it relatively big but its height justifies its efficiency and versatile functions while the shape allows it to fit into any kitchen.

This model comes in different sizes ranging from 32,000 to 96,000 grains per cycle capacity.

It has a 1.25-inch internal porting which is compatible with pipes of up to 1.5’’ diameter, making it the most ideal option for larger homes

Product Features

Fleck 7000 SXT water softener comes with three different plastic or brass bypasses of the following dimensions, ¾, 1 and 1 ¼ inch. This softener has a 2310 safety overflow float that prevents over spilling and flooding.

User Friendliness

Another area that this water softener scores big point is the user friendliness. Once programmed, you don’t have to go back and tweak the settings again to improve the performance. 

The Fleck 7000 SXT water softener has an internal capacitor that makes sure the settings are kept intact for not less than 48 hours. This is even made possible by the non-volatile memory standard that makes sure the softener doesn’t lose any settings.

Sufficient flow rate

The Fleck 7000sxt 32,000-Grain-per-cycle water softener system provides an exceptional water flow rate of up 25 GPM.

For a fair price and unmatched water softening ability fleck is undoubtedly one of the top water softeners on the market today. It’s lightweight and easy to install plus it comes with all the necessary connections that you’ll ever need.

It’s a good investment
Accepts pipes of up 1.5’ diameter
Lower pressure drops
Automatic regeneration thus more efficiency and improved performance
Available in different sizes
A bit expensive compared to others
Unless iron filters are incorporated, only low iron levels are removed

Fleck 9100 SXT Water Softener System

The fleck 9100 SXT water softener offers a softening capacity that ranges from 24,000 to 88,000 grains per cycle.

Product Features

Sufficient flow rate

This unit can deliver an amazing water flow of up to 25 GPM, which by the way is the largest capacity in the industry. This water flow is enough to serve a household of 8 with up to 4 standard bathrooms. Maintenance of this unit is all quite easier since it has all the Fleck-signature features.

It’s also important to note that there are also a few optional upgrades to choose from. First, you can choose a tabulator upgrade to keep the resin clean for years. However, this upgrade is only for water with low levels of iron of up to 0.5 ppm. Second, you can upgrade to the fine mesh resin. This increases performance and reduces regeneration time. This upgrade is also suitable for water with high levels of iron of up to 5 ppm.

It has a dual-tank designed for zero downtime
A high flow rate of 25 GPM
Suitable for large households
Expensive compared to other Fleck units

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Fleck water softeners best serve all households, from small, medium to large households. These softeners come with advanced digital meters for easy set-up and maintenance. To top it up, they come in different sizes/capacities to suit any budget and soft water demand. These softeners can even be upgraded to improve and optimize performance.

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