Best French Fry Cutters: (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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French Fry cutters do the work of making homemade french fries or restaurant fries so easy. They are used to cut french fries from the comfort of your own place, quick and simple. The best part of this apparatus is that they give you the ability to assign the size of your french fries.  Whether you want thin French fries or large French fries, these will help you prepare potatoes in the shape you want. They significantly reduce the time it takes for slicing potatoes.

When you are looking for French fries, it is important to look for a model that is small in weight and that is really simple to use. Having a very top-of-the-line model might not always be the best choice and it can cost you a lot more than a standard model.

French fry cutters generally come with at least a couple of steel cutting blades so you would have the option to choose which one is better each time. These are also very user-friendly – you need only to insert your potato into one end and push it through the other. Just as simple as that.

Some cutters have multi functionality.  Some come with an option for cutting your fruits and vegetables. So if you want multiple cucumber sticks to snack on – just put them in the cutter and squeeze them through. If you have decided to invest in a French fries cutter, we have compiled the best French fries cutters. 

10 Best French Fry Cutters

1. The New Star Foodservice Commercial French fry Cutter

It is made of robust stainless steel. Designed to cut potatoes into any length up to the diameter of the cutter area, approximately 3.5″ wide. You can go up to 5-6″ long, which is the opening of the potato resting area with the handle all the way up. It features a lever fitted with a short-throw mechanism. This guarantees effortless operation allowing the user to cut the fries uniformly. The feet of this fry cutter come with suction cups that ensure it is stable when used, preventing also slipping.

The stainless steel will ensure no corrosion occurs. This construction also facilitates the cleaning of the blades. Additionally, there are five other different blade sizes to choose from. It has a cast aluminium body. This makes sure that even in daily use, it will be difficult to wear off. It also ensures a long lifetime.

Regarding the maintenance of this cutter, it’s easy-peasy. This is because the push block and blade assembly can be disassembled rapidly when you need to clean it.

Cleaning is easy. As soon as practicable after use, unscrew the winged nuts securing the blade. Remove it and the guide plate, dip them in warm soapy water to loose debris, use a small brush to finish, rinse thoroughly. Place the main body in the sink and use a hot water spray and brush to clean the tips and pad surface. Dry well. Do not let potato debris dry on the slides or it can be very hard to remove. To guarantee quality, it is advisable to wash it by hand.

The Newstar Grade cutter has the combo French fries cutting set, but you will have to purchase it separately. It is available in different blade sizes and can be used for replacement if necessary.

Fits a Weston French Fry Cutter
It is an easy design to use
It is easy to maintain.
Contains different blade sizes to choose from.
It saves time.
can be used with sweet potatoes
It is expensive in comparison to its competitors.
It is heavy
It is big in size and thus may be an issue when storing it
Not NSF approved

2. Sopito Professional Stainless Potato Cutter

If you are on the lookout for a user-friendly and reliable French fry cutter, then this is your best match. The cutter is made of 304 stainless steel plates. It is of a sturdy design which offers quality and durability. The cutting head is delivered unattached, in small cardboard to protect the blades.

It comes with a 1/2” cutter assembly. It’s a good product.It is also simple to use because it cuts potatoes effortlessly. It comes with an elongated grip that makes it convenient to use both in the restaurant and at home.

This cutter cuts the potato as a whole, unlike other French fry cutters where you first have to cut a potato in half before passing it through the blades. It can cut potatoes 5.58 by 3.51 inches without any problem. Comparing it with the Newstar Commercial Grade French Fries Cutter, it is small and does not take up much space in the kitchen. In addition, it is easy to clean and stock. It Drys also easily with four screws and wing nuts.Since it is made of steel, do not expect corrosion of the components.

Fast, easy to clean, easy to use and high quality construction is what Sopito Professional Stainless Potato Cutter iall about.

Can cut sweet potatoes.
It is easy to clean.
Due to its design, it saves space.
Has a flawless design
It does not come with thinner blades.
Not NSF certified

3. Geedel Manual French fry Cutter

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This cutter comes preassebled and has been designed with an elongated handle, to help in cutting. This type of cutter is suitable for people who want homemade French fries. Its blade is made of stainless steel restaurant grade that allows for double-cut slicing. This makes it easier and faster to cut your French fries with little effort. It cuts the potatoes into 3/8 inches sizes.

Besides cutting French fries, it can also be used to cut cucumbers, onions, carrots and other vegetables. This double-cut design provides high efficiency and durability. The base of the cutter comes with non-slip rubber blocks. This helps when you push the potato through the blade. With its design, comes with the ease of cleaning it, you just put it under running water. In a matter of seconds, your cutter will be clean. The Geedel Manual French fry cutter is non-toxic, ABS food-grade and BPA free.

 Food grade ABS material, non-toxic and BPA free.
It is easy to carry and store.
Equipped with an effort saving handle.
Cuts sweet potatoes
The blades wear and tear over time.
Not recommended it for veggies

4. Votron French fry Stainless Potato Chipper

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If you are on the search for a high quality French fry cutter to use either in the household or restaurant, Votron is the way to go. It brings out those perfectly shaped French fries and makes them look appealing to the eye. Voltron is known for producing quality cutters made of stainless steel. They have among the best cutters out in the market today.

This potato cutter comes with quality blades that will slice up French fries on days end. Its pricing is also budget-friendly, making it worth having one. It has a base with a suction device that ensures its stability during the cutting processes. Also, due to this suction base, it is easy to mount it on any flat surface. This makes it the best pick for a household or restaurant use. The cutter can also be used to cut cucumbers, yams and other vegetables.

The company boasts that the cutters can slice potatoes in less than five seconds because of its unique design of the handle. It minimizes the effort needed and maximizes the output. This cutter is easy to clean. It is not advisable to use the dishwasher often even though it is dishwasher friendly. Just like the other French fry cutters, its blades do not corrode, ensuring safety for your food. The ergonomic design of the handle is such that it is even suitable for kids to use them.

It is budget-friendly
It has a durable stainless steel blade.
Can be used to cut other vegetables.
It can be cleaned easily.
The suction base sometimes does not stick, making it hard to cut through.

5. Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper

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Many people sought out this cutter because of its durability and ease of use. It comes with stainless steel blades. This should put your worries away, as you will forget about the bending and rusting of these blades. They are designed to be sharp and durable. Moreover, it comes with two different blade sizes to choose from, depending on the size of the French fry you want.

Unlike other cutters, the Reliatronic comes assembled in the box. Easy to just unpack it and start using it straight away without having to bog your mind on how to assemble it. Another useful feature is the extended handle it comes with. Since it is long and heavy, it pushes the potatoes through the blades with ease. With its large capacity, you do not need to cut your potatoes into two, just put the whole potato. This cutter can be used both at home and at the restaurant.

It is easy to clean.
It comes assembled in the box.
It has an extended handle.
It is easy to carry.
It does not come with manual instructions even though it is intuitive to use
The handle is heavy; due to this kids cannot use it.


How to use french fry cutter

First of all, I like to use a normal potato, washed but not peeled. Then, using a French fry cutter, simply pull the lever down and collect the cut fries under. You can prevent un rinsed potatoes from sticking by shaking the basket and stirring with tongs during frying.

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