Pur vs Brita ( Best Home Water Filter Systems)

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The best Home Water filter systems provide an inexpensive solution to purifying tap water. Among the most searched for water filter brands, Pur water filter pitcher and Brita water filter pitcher are among the favorite. Both of these pitchers compete very well with the more extensive water purification system drinking such as reverse osmosis, which requires installation and offers a higher price tag. Most water filter pitcher reviews also mention these two among the best buy water filters.

The PUR water filter pitcher is an easy way to get better water at low cost. This filter is good for about 40 gallons of water. It is best known for lead reduction, and it’s probably one of the most searched for filters besides Brita due to its automatic monitor gauge. This lets the user know how long it takes to replace the filters.

Its filtered water has novelty flavor options. This water filter pitcher is specially made for drinking water and is available in a 4-pitcher design. It filters water in 2-stage removing up to 99% of contaminants.

Brita waterfilter cartridges are readily available. Various types of cartridges are available to remove chlorine, limescale and other impurities. There is a wide variety of Brita water filters and cartridges such as Brita Classic Cartridge, Brita Maxtra Cartridge, Brita water filter cartridge Multifit, etc.

The Brita Classic filter cartridge is one of the more popular. They are capable of filtering and reducing lime scale and other substances such as chlorine. There is often an unpleasant taste and odor in tap water due to chlorine and other tiny particles in the water. Classic filter can help remove them to undetectable levels. It also helps to remove aluminum and even heavy metals such as copper and lead from water. Pesticides such as diurone can be dangerous and have to be filtered, as well as organic impurities. Brita Classic is effective in reducing all impurities to undetectable and safe levels.

One other interesting Brita cartridge is the Brita Maxtra. Its content resembles the Brita Classic. The cartridge is comprised of ion-exchange resin and activated granulated carbon. Its design mainly cartridge shape and blending ensures optimum performance.

The Maxtra has an improved performance on lime scale reduction as well as on reduction of substances that cause the odor and bad taste like chlorine, geosmin and some organic impurities. The best thing about the Maxtra cartridge is that it can be inserted into the jug water filters as well as many Brita partners home appliances such as kettles.

The exchange durations of the Brita Classic and Brita Maxtra cartridges are the same: 4 weeks or 100 litres. The 4 stages of filtration with Maxtra include intensive pre-filtration, ion exchange filtration, activated carbon filtration and intensive final filtration. This technique guarantees an extremely clean, purified water. The Maxtra cartridges contain an ion exchange resin which does not require pre-soaking of the cartridge anymore.

Brita Longlast Pitcher is best known for its TDS filter function and 99% lead filtering capability. The Brita Long Last Water Pitcher is a home water filter with a large enough capacity to hold 10 cups and filter up to 40 gallons every two months (120 gallons total capacity). 

Brita and PUR have teamed up with TerraCycle to create recycling programs for their jugs, bottles, filters, distributors, faucet holders and all packaging, making water filtration products 100% waste-free.

You can return the cartridges to Brita who, in turn, ship them to their German recycling plant. In this case, the components are processed for secondary purposes.

What makes Pur And Brita Water Filters Pitchers the best drinking water filter pitchers? Here’s everything you need to know about these water filter pitchers.  

Best Home Water Filter Systems

PUR vs. Brita Comprehensive Comparison Table

Filter Life 40 Gal40 Gal
Chlorine YesYes
Chlorine taste & odor YesYes
Sediment Yes NO
Carbon TetrachlorideYesNO

 PUR Water Filter Pitcher

How do PUR water filters work?

Water filters work by reducing water contamination through a blend of activated carbon, ion exchange or reverse osmosis. PUR water filter work through using activated carbon filter. Activated carbon is micron sized and has a huge inner surface, filled with wedges and nooks that increase in surface area. The carbon attract and trap chemicals and impurities through adsorption. A single gram of PUR water filter has a large surface area, which means that more very small pores absorb pollutants.

A one micron Carbon filter is effective in removing up to 99% of lead, 96% of the mercury, 97% of chlorine, and 92% of other organic compounds such as cysts, arsenic, coliform, or iron because they cannot fit through the small pores.

PUR water filter will remove these contaminants while leaving mineral ions such as fluoride, calcium, and magnesium which are good for the body.

A PUR pitcher filter provides up to 40 gallons of clean, refreshing water, usually over a period of two to three months. The electronic filter change indicator is an easy way to see when it’s time to replace your filter, as it measures the time the filter was in the pitcher.

When the water filter begins to clog with impurities, the light on the PUR Maxion water filter turns yellow. This indicates that the water filter has achieved its optimal efficiency.

Twist the old cartridge counterclockwise to remove it. Next, rinse the new cartridge and then screw it clockwise into the pitcher to secure it. This is how you change and install the Pur water filter cartridge. 

PUR water filter is best for bacterial reduction as it has the highest rate cyst reduction. This water filtration system has proven highly effective for eliminating bacteria causing disease by 99.99999%, including cholera, typhoid, Salmonella, E. coli, Fecal Coli form. It eliminates parasitic protozoa and cysts like 99.99999% cryptosporidium. The system reduces heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead and mercury by 95%.

It removes Volatile Organic Compounds such as Atrazine and Benzine to below detectable limits. It balances the water to pH 7 while reducing the TDS measure to < 500 ppm. One setback though, is that the PUR water filter pitcher isn’t certified to remove fluoride.

The PUR Water Filter is a high-quality water filter that eliminates the metallic flavor of drinking water. In case the water still contains the metallic taste, it is probably the water filter is blocked, which makes it incapable of filtering some of the metal elements. Clean the water filter thoroughly and then rinse.

  • Fruit Flavored Cartridges

PUR Water Filter is a large capacity pitcher, and it filters fairly quickly, pours cleanly and is easy to assemble. With PUR Water Pitcher, you don’t only drink water, but you have a choice of fruit-flavored cartridges. PUR water pitchers contain carbon elements that improve the taste. However, the flavors vary with different pitchers, so you also have the choice of drinking flavored-free water or choosing a different flavor.

You can customize this feature by simply pressing a button. The cartridges vary in taste from raspberry, peach, strawberry, lemon and grape. Flavors are a smart feature. You will go from taking flavored carbonated waters and sodas to drinking more water with these flavor cartridges.

When to Replace the PUR Water Filter Pitcher

PUR water filters have an integrated LED indicator on the purifier that tracks the life of the cartridge and warns you when to replace the filter. It’s important to regularly replace your water filter pitcher at the right time. You should also consider replacing the water filter too. An old water pitcher might result in potentially harmful health effects because a moist environment in the pitcher filter is perfect for multiplication for bacteria. This can make you sick if you continue to use the old filter.

Green Flashing Light

A green light indicator is an indication that the water filter is functioning and that drinking water is free of contaminants. The PUR LighMaxion water filter is made from activated carbon that filters and absorbs organic compounds and contaminants.

Yellow Flashing Light

A yellow light indicates that the carbon water filter of the PUR Maxion water filter is becoming less effective and that you should change it soon.

Red Flashing Light

This is an indication that you need to replace the carbon water filter now. The water filter has expired. It has accumulated enough contaminants, so remove the filter and replace it with another one immediately.

How to Replace PUR Water Filter Cartridge

For a plastic pitcher or dispenser, you should soak the new filter cartridge before screwing it in the pitcher or the dispenser. Soaking will remove all air bubbles and will allow any excess carbon from the filter to lift out and separate so it doesn’t get in your drinking water. Soaking the filter will make sure that the water runs evenly when you use it.

Replacing the carbon filter is a simple process that only takes a few steps.

  1. First loosen the stopper, then remove the old filter from the jug.
  2. Then insert the new filter and immerse it in cold water for around 10 minutes.
  3. Third, wash the pitcher with your hand, then rinse thoroughly.
  4. Fourth, keep the filter under the cold water of the faucet for 5 minutes.
  5. Fifth, insert the filter again into the flow plate. Pull the filter downwards while twisting clockwise for a watertight joint. The filter should be locked in place to ensure the seal is sealed.
  6. Lastly, fill the tray with cold water and let it drain completely into the pitcher.

Be sure to reset your PUR Maxion water filter knob each time you change your filter. Resetting the PUR Maxion water filter is a simple step-by-step procedure. First press and hold the reboot button for 5 seconds. Second, the indicator light will flash appropriately during the reset mode.

It’s easy to assemble and comes with a straightforward guide
LED indicator that monitors the condition of the filter, alerting you when you should get a replacement.
Inexpensive and Efficient
Its space-saving design
Allows it to fit into narrow spaces; a good instance is your fridge door.
Does not filter fluoride

Benefits of PUR Water Filters

  • Better taste and smell; PUR Maxion water filter is very efficient in removing funny tastes and smell of water, which is normally the result of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is minimized by oxidation.
  • Healthier water; through adsorption, the PUR Maxion water filter eliminates metals such as lead, copper and mercury. Chemicals like chlorine and organic compounds have an effect on taste and water. According to The US Council of Environmental Quality, the presence of these chemicals increases the risk of cancer by 93 percent. Chlorinated water, for example, adds to the risk of bladder cancer.
  • Less expensive; in addition to being one of the best ways to clean and purify your drinking water, PUR Maxion water filters are inexpensive and come in a variety of forms. This makes them handy for household use. You will save money on bottled water, which is typically 30x more expensive.
  • Environmental protection; bottled water contributes to increased environmental pollution. Statistically, one million bottled water is sold around the world every minute while less than half are recycled while the rest are dumped into water bodies such as lakes and oceans. With a water filter, you can get rid of the need to buy single-use bottled water.
  • Food tastier, better tea, and drink more water; There is a special flavor with filtered water which makes tea and food taste better. In areas where water is especially hard a water filter will make the difference to the water that you use to make tea, food, or hydration. The PUR water filter improves the mineral content of the water by eliminating harmful chemicals while letting dissolved minerals improve the pH. The chemicals that are removed from the water also mean that the food will taste naturally.

Brita Water Pitcher Review

How does Brita water filter work?

According to Brita, their primary filtration system consists of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. The activated carbon is produced from coconut shells. Filters work in two ways:

Activated carbon eliminates substances likely to affect taste, such as chlorine and chlorinated compounds. The ion exchange resin reduces carbonated hardness (limescale) as well as copper and lead.

Here is a chart from Brita’s site, comparing the different types of Brita water filters and the number of contaminants they filter out.

Brita filters out mostly Chlorine and other minute particles that are responsible for bad odor and taste in tap water. Once the chlorine is out of the water, you have to buy their most expensive filter, to actually have all of the most important contaminants removed from your drinking water. Brita water pitchers nonetheless don’t get rid of trace nutrients that are actually very good for you.

As shown from the table the Brita water filter pitchers does not filter out Bacteria, Fungus, Or Viruses. Most water filtration processes too tend to leave bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The most effective way to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses is through a process that purifies everything in water. That said, however, most tap water has already been treated to remove bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. So, Brita water is safe to consume.

“Brita” is the original world famous ceramic water filter.

It also removes radiological such as Radon 222 to below detectable limits as well as removes or reduces nitrates and nitrites. It reduces bad taste & odors. It also removes chlorine and residuals to below detectable limits. It removes rust, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, silt and sediment making your water crystal clean.

Brita Longlast filters feature patented pleated media and exclusive active filter agents to reduce lead, asbestos and cadmium content by up to 120 gallons. The standard filter will, however, remove copper and zinc.

Is Brita worth it? Well in a test that was carried out on a Brita filter using the average tap water of the United States discovered that the resulting filtered water was 10,0000 times (10,000x) more bacteria than the average U.S tap water with no Brita filter. It is therefore preferable to use the water filter Brita pitcher that nothing at all.

  • Classic, Elegant White Design 

The shape design of this water filter ensures optimum performance. It’s a perfect addition to your kitchen or refrigerator. The best thing about Brita Water Filter Pitcher is that it can fit into the fridge. Brita models are an easy snap-together assembly.

  • When to Replace the Pitcher

If your Brita water starts to taste like chlorine, the water tastes like metallic, the water feels like you need to change the cartidge of the filter. Brita filter pitchers have built-in LED indicators that tell you if you can change the cartridge based on time in service. The LED indicator works by binding the molecules of contaminants to an active carbon filter. A green light indicates that the water filter is operating correctly. A yellow light indicates that the carbon water filter is becoming less effective and that you should change it soon. A red light indicates that it is necessary to replace the carbon water filter now. It’s recommended to change it every 40 gallons or 8 weeks if you live alone or at least every month if you have a family, and once a month if you live with a significant other.

Benefits of Brita Water Filter

Easy to assemble 
Easy to use
Ideal for every household
Value for money
Bpa free Brita filter jugs
It takes a while to filter

It is a filter element that includes a light gauge.

The light gauge on the PUR Maxion water filter operates as a timer. It is designed to test the purity of the water you use and will let you know when it is time for a change.

The water filter has already filtered more than 100 gallons of water and no longer prevents harmful contaminants. If you ignore the red flashing light you will be putting yourself and your family at serious health risk.

PUR Water Filter Light Not Working

The PUR pitcher filter light not working could be an indicator that’s in stand-by mode. Just press and hold the reset button for five seconds before releasing it. It will automatically reboot the light.

Why Is My Pur Water Heater Blinking Red After A Filter Change?

It means that the water filter still has debris that gives the filter a false warning. Then carefully wash the water filter housing by hand and rinse well. You may want to consider replacing the circuit board as well.

PUR Water Filter Slow Trickle

pur water filter slow

This may mean that the water flow was restricted by the two curved holds inside the PUR water filter. The solution is simply to remove the filter and stir vigorously until you hear the granules moving inside. A plastic washer can also be purchased and placed between the curved corner.

PUR Water Dispenser Leaking

Make sure that the filter has been twisted firmly to seal the leaking seal and stop the leaks. If the leak originates from the top, it may be due to a sloppy installation. Just remove the filter and try to re-install it correctly. When the filter is correctly tightened, the water outlet must be at the bottom of the appliance.

PUR Water Dispenser Not Draining

A slow draining water dispenser could be an indication of the clogging particles or trapped water bubbles. The solution is to firstly submerge the filter into a large jar filled with water and see if it floats. If it floats, take out the filter and bang it against the sink carefully, not too hard. If it’s trapped particles you should clean and change filters.

PUR Water Filter Smells

If the PUR water filter smells of rotten garbage, it could be watered and the equipment or pipes you use have been contaminated with too much hydrogen sulfide. This means that your water filter is not capable of removing the funny smell. Try pushing the filter until it makes a click sound and then run 1-2 gallons of water out of it until the scent goes away.

How Do I Reset The Pur Water Filter Button?

To reset the light button after replacing the PUR Maxion water filter, simply press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. The indicator light will then turn green to indicate that it has been reset and is working optimally.

PUR Water Filter Battery

PUR water filter, battery does not require frequent change, however, whenever you see a flashing red light it could mean you need to replace the filter or battery.

Battery replacement is a quick and easy step. First remove the battery holder compartment from the upper portion of the PUR filter head. Then remove both expired batteries and replace with new ones. Finally, slide the battery chamber until it switches on.

PUR Water Filter White Particles

White particles in drinking water are the result of dissolved minerals resulting in hard water that are not easy to remove from.

PUR Maxion water filter.

The filter works by bonding to the carbon present in the water, but as there is no carbon in the dissolved minerals, they pass with the water. Nevertheless, the dissolved minerals are not toxic. Getting rid of them can be done by often cleansing with lime.

PUR Water Filter Black Particles

Black particles are probably activated coal particles that have crept into the filtering process. The charcoal is not harmful. However, removal is done by washing your hands after replacing the water filter. Soak under water for 30 minutes, then wash and rinse. In that case, they are ready for use.

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