Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Systems + Portable Reviews

Reverse Osmosis systems on countertops generally provide a better quality water purification system that removes 99% or less of the contaminants in water. Contrary to many reverse osmose systems they may have less filtration phases but countertop systems do not require any installations or plumbing.

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Reverse Oxmosic water filters were developed over a period that was extremely long in development and became a product we love today. Reverse Osmosis systems are also well known for having a high efficiency and easy to install feature compared to conventional countertop water filters. We’ve tested several water filters for your home, and we have presented this complete guide to countertop reverse osmosis systems.

Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The Environmental Protection Agency has set standards in a range of public and private waters based upon a wide variety of sources, including salmonella and e-coli. A proper countertop RO water filter removes most of the above things. There are two types to consider. So I am quite an Aqua-freak. I am currently recommending the SimPure Y7 as my most economical RO countertop system. Also it is very beautiful.

5 Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Systems (December 2022)

It is probably the best counter osmosis system in 2024. Aquatru Efficiencies ratio: 4:1 Filtration: 4 stages Production rate: 1-GPM Holdable capacity: 1-liter 3 quart Testing/ Certification.

Reviews: Top Five Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Let us start out by looking into top five counter top water filters for RO. We like the SimPure Y7 countertop filter because it has a very high water efficiency. It is also considered a countertop purifying machine that works Designwise it is a knock-out with significant improvements over SimPureY6. It’s streamlined white and features an Apple iPhone-like appearance. All the drainage holes underneath the dispenser are nice! Besides that this model consumes less water than the other models reviewed. The water ratio of 5 to 2 seems amazing. I wouldnt worry about my water bill at all unless I had one of those filters for daily use.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters with Plumbing Installation

We have two sets of recommendations to filter the water on countertops from the above systems: the filtration system for your faucets below and the filter above. They eliminate as many contaminants as possible and produce higher volumes per gallon. Since the faucet filter requires little electrical input, the cost of the faucet filter is cheaper than electricity. installation hose under sink plumbing installation hose under sink plumbing Because of their connections these water filtering units on the countertop are positioned beside sinks.

APEC RO-CTOP-C Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The Ro-Tips APEC water filter is a 4-piece filter that is easily integrated with a faucet instead of the infra-red filter. It travels very smoothly with its faucet connection so it travels easily when needed. The faucet adapter has cleverly designed features that allow switching from the water flowing through the RO system to the normal plumbing of your bathroom faucet. The sludge also includes a wastewater tube to permit waste water-contaminated water to be pumped into the drain when the RO membrane works. In addition to having a surprisingly big maximum output of 90 gallon a day (GP D), it is highly efficient.

Waterdrop M5 Countertop Reverse Osmosis System with Portable Water Pitcher

The Waterdrop countertop system is unique because the water supply under sink system requires an electrical connection for fresh or waste but does not interfere with the tap. If there are designer kitchen faucets then this might be a suitable choice. This multistage filter provides water for 12 months or 550 gallons between filters, which only require three seconds to install. The 80-oz BPA-free pitcher can be retracted and stored in the fridge for easy cleaning. When you bring the pitcher into the base, it automatically filters the water until the pitcher becomes full.

Reverse Osmosis Revolution Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

These counter-top filters from the reverse osmosis revolution are similar in design to APEC’s above system, with some noticeable differences. This system has five filters which remove contaminants from the system instead of one stage. Second, the filters have no case, which is much harder to find. Third, wastewater ratio is better at 2.8 gallons of waste per gallon of clean water. Waste water is usually filtered with RO filters. The biggest advantage was that the product was quite cheap to make as well as gaining good reviews.

Express Water Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

This countertop water filter system from Express water requires that you connect an adapter to an ordinary faucet then choose to send it to water filter. Four filters (including RO membranes) remove 99.9% contaminants. The biggest differences with the machine include removing the water coming from a faucet adapter, rather than a water filter on the counter-top filter. The adapter is suitable for replacing your faucet and bathroom faucet.

APEC Consensus

The system can be ordered as the RO COP-PH version and adds an alkalinized water remineration stage in water that has a higher pH. Get it. Find out the details of our products.

Tell me the countertop reverse osmosis system?

Countertop reverse osmosis systems combine the various stages of reverse osmosis in one compact package that can be stored at home on the counter. The system eliminates up to 99% total dissolved solids and provides clean pure water with a stronger taste and aroma. This makes it easier to clean the water and provide more accurate and effective filtering. Most reverse osmolitation systems are designed to install beneath the cooking sink, but the countertop reverse osmosis system is increasingly being used.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Maintenance

Most countertop water filters are more easily maintained than the reverse osmosis system installed under sinks. You just need to wipe out any excess air and wipe down the inside of the filter as recommended. Although this maintenance is important in ensuring RO filters are working at peak performance, the maintenance is relatively simple. Some filters are re-programmable with LED indicators so they are always alerted to when you need a replacement filter.

Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filters with Electric Installation

This countertop filtration solution can be very easily installed as the plug can just go in. It’s not possible to connect pipes to a house. Fill a reservoir with water then drink it on demand, a glass at a time. The disposal of waste containing concentrations can occur as required using a manual device. While these systems don’t cost much they are a multi-stage water purification method that includes reverse osmosis (RO).

AQUA TRU Countertop Water Filtration Purification System

It’s worth checking for good overall ratings and very good comments on water filter speeds. In fact, the system was recommended by Erin Brockovich, who starred in the movie “In Which the Plaintiff sued the government for hexavalent chromium pollution”. The case has since been reopened. AQUA TURU offers four-stage filtration with reverse osmosization and filtration capability that eliminates more contaminants in an hour compared to traditional pitcher filters. Quick change twist filter is available between six months and two years and can be replaced easily. The integrated digital display indicates if it is time for filter changes.

AlcaPure Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

AlcaPure is another 4-part countertop water purifying system that removes more than 1,000 contaminants from your water including lead chlorinated sulphur. The biggest advantage in the system relates primarily to an alkaline water remineration process. Because the reverse osmosis method eliminates particles of the same sizes, this includes minerals that are considered valuable. When adding calcium or magnesium in the filtered water the pH increases to the seven to eight range and the water is alkalized.

SimPure Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Because it’s relatively new, the SimPure countertop water filter has a very unique feature, and it doesn’t even get as much attention as the other models below. The SimPure is an electric heating kettle instead of the usual countertop waterfiltration system. Three filters including reverse osmosis removes 99% of pollutants from your water. A 5-litre (11.3 litre) tank holds the most recommended electric system on our list.

How do I choose the best portable reverse osmosis system?

Reverse osmosis has evolved considerably since its introduction in France with an animal bladder. Modern countertops and portable equipment feature sophisticated water filtration techniques that are available at a range of surprisingly low prices, as well at shockingly high prices. In this article, we will introduce you to reverse osmosis and how this will help you decide what is the best osmosis system for your needs.

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis is most commonly performed by mixing water with a semi-solid barrier, a pressure gradient. The water’s impurities are bigger than water molecules and therefore can be filtered using filters. If you tried passing water through a filter of this quality it would take far longer. The use in reverse osmosis systems typically consists of many chambers with more fine filters.

Countertop Water Filter Overview

A countertop drinking water filtering system is an excellent solution in case you can’t install it on your countertop. Our experts have reviewed these top water filters for countertops so that everyone has clean drinking water wherever they are. Why would people like water filters in countertops? We researched every choice for this countertop water treatment review category in this section.

Portable RO systems for camping

It is considered that the most efficient RO system can be installed on countertops for camping. The bags are portable and easily transportable anywhere. Stand alone RO systems can be helpful when the faucet isn’t accessible. You can use an RO unit on the countertops to connect the faucet to the kitchen faucet to the RV. Please ensure the adapter fits first.

Berkey Water Filters with Zero Installation

The most convenient water filter on the market is a gravity-fed Berkey water filter. Berkey drinking water filters do not require electrical connections or installations. Then you just put it in any spot you want, put contaminated water over it and then get clean water from below. Berkey water filters use gravity to pull out the water through the filters.

Big Berkey water filter

This countertop water filter is able to hold 225 gallons of purified drinking water and is designed for small families (1 to four persons). The enclosure is 304 steel stainless steel which makes cleaning easy. This is 21 inches in height and 9 inches across and filters approximately 3.5 litres of water a minute. This water filter includes two “black berkey filter” and two fluoride water filters that remove 99.7% or more fluor. Alternatively, you could increase filter speed by adding four to each filter. The Black Berkey filters are the carbon filters used to produce the majority of countertop filters.

How does a RO water filter work?

Counter top reverse osmosis water filters are supplied either by tap connection or contain feedwater tanks that require manual refill. Once the water has entered the systems, a series of filter steps – the configuration for the process is different, varies depending upon models — are needed before a dispersion. How do reverse osmoses work?

How to choose a Countertop Reverse Osmosis System?

The advantages of a countertop RO water purifier can be determined by considering its advantages or disadvantages. If your water supply does not contain Lead, use a contaminated strip of test strips to ensure it does not contain Lead or other contaminates. Before deciding which to do, think about this:

Filtration Quality & Number of Stages

The reverse osmosis system should contain at least four stages, but there are dozens of stages. The water filter on countertops usually has three steps. A sediment and carbon filter, activated carbon, the reverseosmosis cell and an end-of-filter carbon filter. If your water tastes good and your health improves consider water filters with a remineralisation stage.

Easy setup & installation

Some countertops reverse osmosis equipment can be connected directly to the faucet. Make certain your faucets have compatible connectors. Others are just fillable with the tap water without installation required. Installing filters is easy; just twist it to the correct place.

Your home’s water usage

If buying reverse-osmosis piping for countertops you must check the gallons per day (GPD). In theory, the output will typically be between 50% and 90% of the GPD Ratings. In our experience, gpd scores average 50.

Waste water ratio (or recovery rate)

Most RO water filters are proportioned 1:1 with wasted water. The more economical system has a ratio of 1:1 / 1

Best Portable Reverse Osmosis System: Crystal Quest Thunderbolt

The most portable reverse osmotic system of 2020 is the CrystalQuest Thunder. There is no one countertop model which is installed-free and that has the greatest portability. The re-use water filter is also easy to install and it requires no electricity if you have a basic-size toilet. Four stars rating! Note: Crystal Quest Thunder misses NSF accreditation for a certain contaminant reduction rate, therefore we prefer the AquaTru when portability is an important factor. Crystal Quest Thunder Ratings Check Prices Currently Get 15% Off! Use Code: BOS5OFFPros Best for : )

The Runner-Up: SimPure Y7P-BW Reverse Osmosis Countertop Water Filter

We have two favorite countertop reverse osmosis systems: SimPure Y7p – BLW and SimPure. This is perhaps the most attractive unit in this guide that should certainly not be neglected when talking about countertop R-O-Systems. SimPure Y7P-BW also offers easy installation, it has an integrated UV disinfection and it has a circular multifiltration system. A comprehensive NSF 58 test will be added. Excellent recommendation! SimPure Reverse Osmosis Counter Top Water Filter Review Check the current price! Take 15% off! Use Codes: SPY 7p Pros Cons. The most important.

Best for Remineralization: Zero Installation Purifier Countertop RO Water Filtration System – AlcaPure Edition

Zero installation purifier can be used as a standalone reverse osmosis water filter without installation costs. There is no NSF certification or testing for RO membranes that contain several contaminants. Customers are generally very pleased with the ease and quality of the website design overall. 4 stars! Alkali water filter: No installation purification. Check the current price Get up to 8% off your purchase!! The zip is a good choice for users who want RO-purified and rechargeable drinking water. Please see the complete review of the ZIP files.

Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis System: AquaTru (Including Coupon Code!)

AquaTru has been identified as one of the most reliable countertop reverse osmosis systems for years. Using patented technologies, NSF enables the filtration of more than 82 contaminants from water using its own proprietary technologies. Hence the drink is very clean, safe and delicious. The best thing about the AquaTru counter RO system is that it can be installed without installing. Then maintenance is simple, but also very cheap. 4.7 stars! AquaTru’s rating is updated, get 15% off! Get code: BUSAQUATRU. Alexa reviews her videos on the website.

Best for Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment: Waterdrop WD-G3-W System

Our top tankless reverse osmosis system for 2024 is Waterdrop WD-3W. Sleek design, easy installation, simple replacement filters and good water taste are all features that ensures that people are very happy with the water filter which has been installed under the sink. Four stars! Water Drops ddg3w Tankless RO System Review the Current Prices. Get a $50 Discount! Use code BOSG3 Gallery. Pro Cons. Waterdrop W3-w is ideal if one wants a tankless RO system that is simple to install and quick to use. Read the review on water drop filters here.

Smallest RO System: PuroSmart

Do you want a countertop reverse osmosis filter with no filter installed yet? Some of the small things you want! PuroSmart is the smallest RO system. It can help when the biggest problem in a house or kitchen is the lack of space. The PuroSmart water filter has one of the lowest pressures and is very easy for cleaning and filtered drinking water.

How do Countertop RO systems work?

RO water filters are either able to get water from faucets or have tanks that need filling. Water entering this system passes through several filtration stages that ultimately emerge as water. These steps generally involve filtration, namely:

Flow rate

It is important to know that water pressure is influenced by water flow. The larger the pressure, the more fluids it is. Again, you don’t have to worry primarily about flow rates unless you are using reverse osmosis water filters that are mounted on your faucet and connect. The fast flow rate keeps everything moving through your system and helps improve the availability of clean drinking water. A low circulation rate causes slurry and water that can be pumped out at an inefficient speed.

Produced water vs waste water

As water is generated it becomes wasted. When the water passes through the pore, contaminants are continually drained out of the drain. It is a wasteful process that contaminates the ground water. Traditional RO systems use a ratio of 4:1, meaning that each 4 gallons of wasted water produces one gallon of water. However, there are increasingly efficient products being introduced, and some on this list use less than a quart of water.

Water pressure

Your water pressure should also be important when installing Reverseosmosis systems that connect to kitchen appliances in the bathroom. A high flow rate in reverse osmosis water ensures that water is not wasted. Generally speaking water pressure does not matter when you use reverse osmosis technology connected directly with electricity. The electricity is going to supply the water with the required speed.

Water pressure

Your water pressure should also be important when installing Reverseosmosis systems that connect to kitchen appliances in the bathroom. A high flow rate in reverse osmosis water ensures that water is not wasted. Generally speaking water pressure does not matter when you use reverse osmosis technology connected directly with electricity. The electricity is going to supply the water with the required speed.

Water pressure

Your water pressure should also be important when installing Reverseosmosis systems that connect to kitchen appliances in the bathroom. A high flow rate in reverse osmosis water ensures that water is not wasted. Generally speaking water pressure does not matter when you use reverse osmosis technology connected directly with electricity. The electricity is going to supply the water with the required speed.

Storage capacity

Is storage important for reverse osmosis filters if they don’t connect to faucets? A countertop RO system is equipped with a water storage unit. When everything is exhausted you need to fill it again. Obviously, you should use as much of the storage as you can so you don’t lose time and money. RO filters generally are about 1 gal and can be stored on an empty tank.

Counter space available

Any type of reverse osmosis countertop systems needed. If countertop space is fairly limited, check out reverse osmosis waterfiltration systems with smaller footprints, which take less space. To save money and time on the purchase of large sized filters, compare their sizes to those of your choice of reverse osmosis water filter.


The certification may provide assurance of third parties’ approval of portable countertop reverse osmosis systems. For materials safety and lead-free components there are two certified certificates. Some are certified to remove lead from chlorine in the water in water or to remove lead from contaminated air.

Filter Lifespan

You should be aware that RO filters are designed to last a lifetime before buying them. Having a shorter lifespan increases overall costs for systems over the long term. Aim to find sand filters and post-filters with a life of at least six months. It’s fairly common on sand and gravel surfaces.

Sources of water

You should consider the water supply in the case of a countertop reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis removes the most significant contaminants from water although contaminants containing hydrogen sulfide and pesticides may be found in even the most efficient countertop water filter.

Reineralization needs

Some reverse osmosis water filters intended for serving countertops are Alkaline – Reineralizing Filters. These restore the nutrients you need for drinking water after filtration. Find filters that offer optional remineralising to improve the taste and benefits of water.

How we picked the best RO systems for Countertops?

There’s something to think about before buying an osmosis water filter. It’s exactly the criteria that helped us select the most important item for our guide today.


NFSF certified our company to conformity. The NFSF. This guarantees that some water filters can reclaim/save a significant amount of contaminants that affect the aesthetics of their properties as well if not removed. Looking for the perfect countertop reverse osmosis filtration system is recommended to look for NSF Standard 41 water aesthetic, NSF Standard 53 contaminants with health effects, NSF Protocol P4703 for further substances. These rules also cover materials and structural integrity.

Water Pressure & Wastewater

Reverse osmosis water filters without an integrated pump depend on the water pressure inside the house pipes and force water to its filtered stages. It’s also worth not having additional electricity. Getting water at home can cause some problems. Low water pressure can also result in lower flow and increases the amount of sewage flowing into the drains. In general this ratio is decreasing as well. Reverse osmosis systems can waste up to 4 gallons per gallon.

Connection of faucets

Generally, the countertop filter is compatible only with standard kitchen sinks. There are some adapters to bathroom faucets and garden hoses etc., but you can use designer pullout water faucets that are not ideal. Check whether the faucet has an ordinary hose connector. Do not buy an adapter. Most countertop system systems for reverse osmosis come in several adaptors for testing.

Maintenance (Cost)

Countertop and portable reverse osmosis water filter is easy to clean. The main thing to keep in mind though, will be maintenance costs. Some models of equipment are cheaper for purchase and maintenance. So, keep an eye on price, capacity, and longevity; replacement filters are also available at this stage. And of course it worked for all of these products as described above.


Do yourself a favor and do not choose the worst system. Learn more about counter top or portable reverse osmosis devices here!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Countertop RO Water Filter

Think about the disadvantages and benefits when you buy an osmosis reversed air filter.

Better tasting water for tea and coffee

Many specialist coffee shops will only use filtered water to enhance their brewed coffees’ flavors. The Speciality Café Association of America (SCAA) recommends water to have no odor, color or chlorine. RO filtering works really well in achieving those requirements. SCAA also recommends neutral waters. Unfortunately RO water may require more filtering to control the PH.

Easy to install

When the RO water filter system is delivered this can easily become a challenge! Installation can happen in such a simple and efficient manner. The standalone model can take up countertop space filling the tank, then powering. Find a place to install faucets. You only need the sewage connection. See below for information on installing reverse osmosis filters.

Portable & Good for Renters

Is your habit of settling into your new house more than once a week? Is there any restriction for the improvements your property can make? The RO filter can be easily transported and can easily go in the kitchen or bathroom. After installation, the system will be installed without any further construction.


The greatest disadvantage of installing reverse water osmosis systems is the waste of tapwater. A typical water ratio between water and wastewater is 3.1. That would make 3 gallons wasted per liter of water produced. Increasing amounts of water waste are also a common problem in older membranes.

Effective filtration

Reverse Oxygen filter is an environmentally friendly filter for removing contaminants from drinking water. These are also effective for the removal of arsenic fluoride sulfite phosphatidases. Reverse osmosis can be used to eliminate toxins in water.


Inverse osmosis systems produce more water faster. Generally, a ceramic water filter, such as the Big Bear, takes about 1-2 hours for production. Compare it at about 20 seconds a gallon with the most common reverse osmosis systems.

Disposal of Wastewater

Reverse osmosis water generally consumes much water, which means a place for disposal is needed. In the case of systems containing water storage tanks the water tank must be regularly emptied.

Good for the Environment

Every day, 60 million bottles of waste are dumped into landfills and waste incineration facilities. 4] It is much more affordable and eliminates the need for filters.

Requires Countertop Space

The water filters on the countertop take up very large countertop area. Particularly in comparison to pitcher filters for water. Think of this for small kitchens.

Unsuitable for low water pressure

Some water filters have minimal water flow pressure to operate properly. Usually it doesn’t affect the use of motor models with pumps.

Is under sink reverse osmosis worth it?

RO filters are effective at keeping contaminants out of drinking water. This reverse osmosis filter works faster than a regular drinking water filter thereby improving your water’s taste.

Are countertop water filters effective?

This will clean up to 95 percent of the 82 contaminant levels in the water supply, which is why you need the filter on the countertops.

What is the disadvantage of reverse osmosis water?

Among the main disadvantages of RO system in the house are they take the majority of minerals out of it leaving the water with acid. Moreover, during the purification process, up to 20gal of water is pumped into the drain for every litre of purified water.

What is the disadvantage of reverse osmosis filter?

Wastes significantly more water than produce – its biggest disadvantage is wasted water. Research shows reverse osmosis systems may waste up to 20-fold the amount they consume from the waste stream.

What are the dangers of drinking reverse osmosis water?

Water extracted via RO filtration has no PH values. Prolonged intake of low pH drinking water may increase kidney disorders or intestinal problems.

Is it healthy to drink reverse osmosis water?

It seems that no evidence is available that the effects are detrimental to the environment. Using reverse osmosis water will not negatively affect your overall health and wellbeing.

Is it better to drink tap water or reverse osmosis water?

The pore size is a size for ROs. The microns can be inserted into water by removing the bacteria (including Salmonella), viruses and bacteria ( like Rotavirus norovirus ). You can make drinking water safe by using reverse-osmosis techniques.

What is the best brand of reverse osmosis?

Is there anything better than reverse osmosis?

Are under sink reverse osmosis systems worth it?

Is it healthy to drink reverse osmosis water?

Are there any disadvantages to drinking reverse osmosis water?

Is reverse osmosis the best way to purify water?

Is under sink reverse osmosis worth it?

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Which filter is best for drinking water reverse osmosis filters?

What is best countertop water filter?

Is it okay to drink reverse osmosis water?

Which countertop water filter removes the most contaminants?

Are countertop water filters effective?

What is the disadvantage of reverse osmosis water?

What is the disadvantage of reverse osmosis filter?

What are the dangers of drinking reverse osmosis water?

Is it better to drink tap water or reverse osmosis water?

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