Ionized alkaline water, on its own, does not cure cancer or other diseases. However, it provides the tools your body needs so that your body can heal itself as nature wanted.

Ionized alkaline water has the characteristics of the best and most natural water found on our earth before the earth was polluted. Ionized alkaline water, as it is alkaline, it has more oxygen in it than other kinds of water which are acidic.

The problem a lot of health professionals have with alkaline water is not its safety, but rather the health claims that are made on it.

There is insufficient science to support the use of alkaline water as a treatment for any health problem. Consuming natural alkaline water is generally considered safe because it contains natural minerals.

However, you should be cautious about artificial alkaline water, which probably contains fewer good minerals than its high pH would suggest, and may contain contaminants. Keep in mind as well that drinking too much alkaline water can leave you deficient in minerals.

There are many reasons why we all need water all the time. The idea of ionizing water, however, may not seem so attractive to most households for fear of the costs involved. Yet drinking alkalized water has a myriad of benefits.

The process divides alkaline minerals from acidic minerals, so the water you drink is 10 to 1000 times more alkaline than your original faucet. It also includes more stable oxygen that is vital for healthy cells. Cancer can live in a body that is starved of oxygen.

Oxidation is like rust on a pipe or what happens to an apple when it is cut-it turns brownish. Your body also oxidizes when it does not have enough antioxidants because it robs the electrons (which are provided by antioxidants) of healthy tissues to fight disease and aging.

Once you are deficient in the right electrons needed, your body begins to deteriorate and the process of aging and sickness begins to accelerate. Everyone knows that antioxidants combat free radicals that cause aging and illness so they try to get more of them from food and supplements.

However, most people are still deficient in them because they are unable to handle them properly. Once ionization occurs, the minerals are separated and charged with electricity, and your drinking water becomes alkaline.

This process also transforms it into a substance that contains an abundance of bioavailable antioxidants, such that your body can easily absorb and use. If you would like your body to recover from cancer, you need an abundance of antioxidants.

Ionized alkaline water has pools of water molecules that are much smaller than those of ordinary tap, well, or bottled water. Because these clumps of molecules are much smaller, your cells are capable of absorbing them (allowing you to super-hydrate), as well as the other two vital properties.

If your body is more capable of absorbing fluids, it is also more capable of pushing excess acids and toxins out of your body. The detoxification effect is extremely significant. Although a lot of your acids are neutralized by alkalinity, they still have to be expelled from your body.

No other substance in the world, except pure water flowing from the mountains (which naturally contain these properties), can do this for you. When you can neutralize acids, alkalize, antioxidize, oxygenate and detoxify your body day after day, you can cure yourself of everything.

Depending on the type of water you use, the pH of the water may change after filtering water with Berkey. Alkaline water is slightly sweeter than pure water. Pollutants increase the acidity in the water, and if you use Berkey water filter, it will filter out those contaminants and raise the alkalinity of the water providing clean drinking water.

Acidic water is a solution in which the concentration of hydrogen is higher than what is present in pure water will have pH values below 7. Using your water ionizer to produce acid ionized or alkaline ionized water is equally beneficial.

Despite its cons, acidic water also has its benefits. One of the best uses for acid ionized water is for skincare. Since the human hair and the skin is mildly acidic, acid ionized water has the ability to restore the skin and hair’s natural metabolism and the results are almost instant. The skin is smoother skin and the hair becomes easier to manage.

A smoother and shinier hair removes years of wrinkles and prevents excessive dry and itchy skin and unnecessary cell damage, significantly reducing signs of aging. Acidic water is also known to treat athlete’s feet, minor burns, and insect bites.

Acid water has important home applications such as cleaning and sanitizing. The acidic composition has been shown to offer better cleaning and disinfecting ability on work surfaces and cutting boards.

Want to avoid dangerous salmonella and e-coli? This water is known to ensure your surfaces and plates are properly sanitized to keep you safe from these bacteria. It’s also optimal for cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables. Its removes pesticides and bacteria from such foods.

Acidic water is also useful when brushing your teeth and gargling after brushing for cleaner, healthier gums, and teeth. It has also been used for years in hospitals to treat bedsores, infections, and diabetic ulcers. It will help you avoid chronic diseases such as heartburn, constipation, diabetes, and migraines.

Acidic ionized water also keeps flowers, fresh staying a little longer. When used in the garden, it vastly reduces the number of pesticides you have to use.

For optimal health, you should consider using both acidic and alkaline water to restore balance in your body.

Alkaline water provides benefits for the health and wellbeing of everyone. As acidic reflux becomes more common, it helps to reduce the level of free radicals in the body.

Ionized water imitates the molecular structure of natural, clean water from pristine sources. Drinking ionized alkaline water helps to keep the body’s pH at an alkaline level, which neutralizes excess acids.

It is especially important to maintain an alkaline pH and to improve the elimination of surplus acids and toxins from the body. Most well-known health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity are all associated with acidity. And this is not the end of it.

The benefits of alkaline water can also contribute to reducing the risk of cancer and making cancer treatment more efficient. It acts to reduce the elements that promote the destruction of bones, such as telomeres that may lead to the destruction of cells.

It also helps the absorption of soluble vitamins during pregnancy and helps relieve constipation.

The antioxidant properties of ionized alkaline water constitute another important advantage of water consumption. Cells are more effective at detoxification; when cells are clean, they can absorb nutrients and minerals.

This avoids damaging the body’s cells and repairs damaged cells. You can see it more clearly in the form of decelerated aging and younger skin. It results in better health and performance.

Improved hydration is another of the benefits you could get from drinking ionized water with alkaline pH values. The brain, muscles, tissues, systems, and organs of the body do not function properly and at full capacity without thorough and complete hydration. You will feel its rejuvenating effect.

Drinking high-quality alkaline water, not only supplies your body and blood with the stable oxygen you need, but it also detoxifies and super-moisturizes you naturally. All these properties help combat free radicals that continually threaten to shorten your life through disease and rapid aging.

Ionization converts ordinary tap water to natural minerals and oxygen and antioxidants are created. Illnesses do not develop in an alkaline environment that is full of clean oxygen – it develops in an acidic, dehydrated, oxygen-free environment.

When you drink the ionized water, it helps your body neutralize the acid waste (toxins) that disease thrives on.

Since this antioxidant property comes from the “electrolyzed” enhancement to the water, these antioxidants do not have to go through the metabolic process before being utilized. They are able to go directly to the cell walls to prevent and repair free radical damage in an efficient and powerful way.

They also act as a “carrier” to help convey the antioxidant properties of foods and supplements in a deeper way. Cellular health is guaranteed by adequate hydration, detoxification, and oxygen

Oxygen-rich cells contribute to optimal health. Oxygen in the bloodstream, it’s like fresh oil in the car. The clean oil keeps your car properly lubed and works like a top.

The oxygen in your blood means that your blood is capable of circulating at a regular and regular pace so that your heart can pump easily. More oxygen is the result of more energy, mental clarity.