Since we need a reliable water filter that’s able to remove contaminants safely, Aquatru water filter is one such water filter that removes chlorine, lead, VOCs, THMs and other heavy metals to 5% or less, nitrates and nitrites from pastures and pesticides to less than 15 % and fluoride by at least 95% while leaving in natural minerals for the healthiest, best-tasting water.

Water filters are a very effective way of conquering even the worst water problems in your home. Here’s a brief explanation of how effective these water filters, filter your drinking water.

  1. Activated Carbon

This type of filter will remove organic contaminants; organic contaminants include chemicals that are most often responsible for taste or odor problems in your water. When water passes through this filter, the carbon particles will attract and remove these contaminants, which may include lead, mercury, copper, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine.

There are two types of Activated Carbon filters available today:
a) Solid block activated carbon filters contain activated carbon particles compressed into dense material that the water has to travel through.

b) Granular activated carbon filters incorporate activated carbon granules, which your water has to pass through.

  1. Particle filter
    Particles are filtered out with a membrane-based on their size. The filters are rated depending on the number of microns that the pore size is in the membrane. A much smaller number of ore size will produce cleaner water. There are two types of materials that these filters will use:

a) Fiber filter will have larger pores that will stop the dirt but will allow contaminants dissolved to pass through.

b) Ceramic filter will be fine to screen out bacteria and parasites, and other small particles. However, this filter will not disinfect water.

  1. Resin water filter
    A resin filter has a filter cartridge made up of resins. It will remove contaminants such as heavy metals, including lead and minerals that can cause deposits in coffee makers and kettles.

Yes, there are a few instances where exposure to too much fluoride can be unhealthy. For instance, Excess levels of fluoride in water pose some health problems. If the fluoride level in your drinking water is more than 2mg/dl, then it poses a health risk.

Children under eight years old can develop “pits” as abnormalities in their dental enamel if they ingest too much fluoride over a period of time. However, these dangers are not applicable to fluoridated water. The quantity of fluoride in public water sources is simply minimal to cause one of these issues.

Fluoride was once prescribed as an Antithyroid drug!! It is of NO coincidence that more and more people have sluggish and weak thyroids. There is a clear correlation between a weak thyroid and Breast Cancer.

Established studies in China and Russia have found reduced T3 and increased TSH in populations exposed to fluoridated water.

Fluoride increases the oxidative stress in your body, which increases your risk of cancer.

Fluoride has been linked to a reduced IQ in children as well as increased plaques of the brain which leads to Alzheimer’s.

High levels of fluoride could prevent the enamel from forming, plus they affect the maturation of teeth. Besides, fluoride stains teeth. That’s mainly why the EPA has put regulations in place regarding the levels of fluoride in water supplies.

Fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland in the brain and causes it to harden.
Fluoride increases the sexual maturation of young females.

Everybody knows the advantages of drinking distilled water. It is safe to drink. Bottled water is good, but unfortunately, the detrimental environmental effects of drinking it and the economic burden offset its advantages.

For these reasons, more and more people are turning to filters to keep their water healthy. If you have been buying bottled water to make sure your water is clean, now is the time to switch to filtering your water.

You will have clean, healthy water that is the safest water to drink, without all the expense and trouble of bottled water if you install a water filter. You will be amazed at how to clean and smell your filtered water, and you know that the water is healthier. After six months it’s essential to replace your filters and you will always have clean water at a reasonable price.

Your Aquatru machine should tell you which filters to change. You are recommended to keep track of the filter when you install it. Yellow filters (every six months), Green filters (every 12 months), and Blue filter (every 24 months).

The value proposition of this water filter is that you use the pre-filter for six months, reverse osmosis for two years or 1200 gallons whichever comes first and the carbon filter for one year or 890 even though the frequency of usage and quality of water will determine how long you will filter.

Much has been said about different water filter systems, but nothing comes close to the Aquasana Water Filter. Aquasana water filters have been rated as the top brand in water purifiers; the Aquasana AQ-4000 has been voted six years in a row for ‘Best Buy’.

The Aquasana system has been proven to remove waste and chemicals typically found in drinking water, including the highly potent Lead and Chlorine substances.

Why choose an Aquasana water filter? The Underwriters Laboratories conducted performance tests under NSF standards, and the favorable results were published and certified by the California Department of Health Services.

It’s among the best water filter in the market. Below are some of the advantages of owning an Aquasana Water Filter System according to its manufacturers:

1. Tested and certified by the California Department of Health for contaminant reduction claims

2. Tested under more challenging conditions to determine effectively of claims, i.e. for lead reduction efficiency, the system was tested at a level 10% higher (155-160) than the certification requirement 0f 150 parts per billion based on a 500-gallon test cycle.

3. Tested under real-life conditions by adding challenged chemicals to regular chlorinated tap water.

4. Uses selective filtration – a better way than distillation and reverse osmosis.

5.Uses a dual filtration system – filters out contaminants and leaves the natural trace of minerals.

6. More economical than most popular water filtration brand

7. Easy to install and easy to maintain

8. Backed up by excellent technical support

9. Has a lifetime warranty

The advantages outlined are advantages the manufacturers boast of. On the other hand, if you think that’s too much of hype because it’s coming from the manufacturers themselves, check out the benefits consumers report says about Aquasana.

·         Economical 
Since the Aquasana Water Filter is equipped with dual filtration, there is the main filter that will not need to be replaced for approximately 36 months, and a pre-filter that will have to be replaced every four months. What’s great is that the filters are one of the most affordable in the market.

This system removes contaminants, but leaves behind any natural nutrients in the water. Water always contains natural minerals.

• Easy to Install and Maintain
There is an installation instruction that comes with the unit. When it comes to Maintenance, you have to change the pre-filter every four months and the main filter after three years. 

• Excellent Customer Service
The company has excellent customer service and technical support that you need at any time.

• Lifetime Warranty
Aquasana is so assured of the effectiveness of their product that they are not afraid to give out a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident they are!
In a nutshell, Aquasana water filters have what it takes to be among top water purifiers in the market.

The value proposition of this water filter is that you use the pre-filter for six months, reverse osmosis for two years or 1200 gallons whichever comes first and the carbon filter for one year or 890 gallons and then dispose of the whole thing. The Aquatru displays light to keep track of the working condition of the filter. Yellow filters (6 months), green filters (12 months) blue filter (24 months).