Find Cheap RV Hookups For Less

To find cheap RV hookups, there are a few different options you can try. One is to look for campgrounds or RV parks that offer discounts for long-term stays or for staying during off-peak seasons.

Another option is to join a membership program, such as Passport America or Escapees, which offers discounts on RV camping at participating campgrounds. You can also try to negotiate a lower rate with the campground or RV park directly, or look for alternative options such as boondocking on public lands or staying at a relative’s or friend’s house.

There are a few ways you can find cheap RV hookups:

  1. Look for campsites with lower rates: Some campsites charge more for RV hookups because they offer more amenities or are located in a more desirable area. By looking for campsites with lower rates, you may be able to find a cheaper RV hookup.
  2. Check out membership clubs: Some membership clubs, such as Passport America, offer discounts on RV hookups at participating campsites.
  3. Negotiate with the campsite owner: If you plan on staying at a particular campsite for an extended period of time, try negotiating with the owner for a lower rate.
  4. Look for off-season deals: Many campsites offer lower rates during the off-season, so you may be able to find a cheap RV hookup by traveling during this time.
  5. Consider alternative options: Instead of staying at a traditional campsite with RV hookups, you could try staying at a boondocking site or a parking lot where overnight RV parking is allowed. These options may be cheaper than staying at a campsite with hookups.
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