How To Replace Refrigerator Water Filter: ( Simple method)

The principle behind water filters is to remove contaminants from home water. These substances include lead, mercury, benzene, asbestos, particulate matter. Filters are designed to purify water so you don’t have to buy bottled water and can provide drinking water for your family. It saves money on the cost of water at home.

But occasionally, you will begin to notice signs like reduction in water pressure, odor in water, change in taste of water. The water might start having the taste of tap water. This is an indication that you need to replace your refrigerator water filter.

How To Replace Refrigerator Water Filter

how to replace refrigerator water filter

It’s easy to replace the water filter in your fridge. All refrigerator water filter cartridges are equipped with easy-to-follow installation instructions. You can determine the correct filter cartridge model/part number for your refrigerator make and model by looking at the instruction manual that came with your refrigerator.

1. Some models/brands of fridges may be fitted with filters in their base grille.

2. Some filter cartridges, may have reusable knobs that must be removed from the old cartridge and installed on the new cartridge  prior to inserting  the new cartridge into the filter housing.

3. Some refrigerators may use push button cartridges in their base grilles that pop out at the push of a button so that they can be fully grasped to be removed. This type of cartridge can use a cap that must be removed from the old cartridge and fitted to the new cartridge prior to the installation of the new cartridge.

4. Other fridges may have cartridges that are accessible from within their fridge compartments. Some may have cartridges and housings that are covered by a plastic housing/access panel that must be removed with a wrench or by turning a knob to gain access to the cartridge.

Generally, most fridge water filters are easy to remove. One quarter turns to the left is all that is required to unlock most filters. The old filter cartridge can be taken out of the water filter housing. Afterward, the new filter cartridge can be inserted into the water filter housing. A quarter turns to the right will secure the new filter cartridge in the filter housing.

When the water filter is at the bottom or side and not in the upper part sticking down, you must turn off the water. Once the water pressure is out, it is easily released. Make sure you purchase the right make & model filter cartridge for your refrigerator otherwise it will damage the water system.

Change your new water filter cartridge every 6 months for best performance. Make sure to flush at least 3- 5 gallons or run through 5 minutes of water through the new filter as soon as it is installed and dispose of that water. Flushing your filter simply means running water through it several times before using the filter.

If you don’t flush the new refrigerator water filter tastes could taste bad or you will notice the presence of black particles in the refrigerator water. These black particles are fine carbon particles left over from the manufacturing process.

You need to flush the filters because many fridge water filters use activated charcoal (or other carbon filters). Loose carbon or activated coal particulates will be present in the first gallon or two of water that passes through the new filter.

Flushing these particles out of the filter before use will ensure that your water and/or ice will remove these black particles from your water. In case you observe white particles floating in filtered water its most likely caused by mineral deposits.

Whenever you install a new refrigerator water filter cartridge, the water could also seem cloudy, almost like a glass of skim milk. The water is perfectly fine to drink. The cloud-like appearance is caused by tiny air bubbles in the water. This happens because when the new water filter cartridge is manufactured, the filter is filled with air instead of water. The air in the water is the same as the air you breathe.

By taking the time to replace your fridge’s water cartridge every six months, your family will drink clean water and have clean ice all year long. If you bought a refrigerator with this functionality, it only makes sense to replace the water cartridges as recommended by the manufacturer to get the maximum benefits of filtration.

Make the most of the water filter built into your fridge (on refrigerator models that include water filtration for ice makers and/or chilled water dispensers) by periodically changing the water filter cartridge.

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  1. No water after changing filter refrigerator

    As with any modern machine, the fridge dispenser is subject to problems. You may experience water dispensing issues in the future. The following steps will help you repair your refrigerator dispenser:

    Step 1: Check the mechanical and electrical parts of the machine. Put a drink in the dispenser and see if you can get some water. Push the paddle or button. You should hear the pump working inside. If there is no water flow, there is an issue with the mechanical and electrical components of the machine. More often than not, this is caused by clogs or blockages somewhere in the mechanisms of the machine.

    Step 2: Try cleaning the water filter first. Depending on your fridge, you may have to remove the screws that hold the plastic cap. Prior to doing so, disconnect the washer first and remove it from the wall. Get an empty bucket or absorbent cloth to collect excess water.

    Once you have done this, remove the plug and remove the filter. Normally, if it is caused by a dirty filter, there is a slow decrease in water flow. If you have no problem with the filter, proceed to the next step.

    Step 3: This problem can also be caused by frozen refrigerator lines. Disconnect the refrigerator and take a hairdryer. Plug it close to the fridge. Open the door and remove the contents to access the area directly behind the dispensing machine.

    Step 4: Adjust the hairdryer temperature to medium.
    Let it defrost the hardened lines behind the dispensor. Also defrost the area in front of the dispensor to remove the blocked ice. Alternate it for about 15-20 minutes.

    Step 5: If the previous step did not work, attempt to defrost the entire refrigerator for 24 hours. You may want to store perishables in a separate refrigerator. After 24 hours, clean the machine and wipe off any extra water. Push it against the wall and connect it. Try the dispensor again.

  2. Can I run my whirlpool refrigerator without a water filter?

    It’s all about the details. If there is no bypass plug in the refrigerator and the filter housing can be closed with the filter cap, a filter is not required. If the refrigerator is fitted with a bypass plug, it must be properly installed to allow the water and ice dispensers to operate without a filter. Refer to your fridge’s user manual for specific information about your model and its use without filters.

  3. How often should you change water filter in refrigerator

    Most manufacturers recommend replacing your fridge’s water filter every 6 months under normal conditions. Some brands may recommend that filter cartridges be replaced more often for heavier use. This ensures that the filter does its best to remove chemicals, particles, and bacteria, along with any other taste, from ice and refrigerated drinking water.

    A good way to tell if the water filter needs to be changed is if the water pressure drops or the water does not taste as clean as it did previously. A lot of people choose to mark their calendar for 6 months from the date of installation of the new filter. If you have a large family, you will probably have to change the filter more than once every 6 months.

    It is necessary to ensure you change your refrigerator water filter every 6 months. Failure to replace can result in problems such as poor taste and odor of water and ice, the low pressure of the dispenser.
    You might also get sick from not changing water filters.

  4. How to clean a refrigerator water filter cartridge

    how to clean water filter

    Regular cleaning of the refrigerator water filter cartridge with dish soap or water and the vinegar blend may work. Just allow the filter to soak for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the degree of dirt. Next, rinse under a light jet of water until the water leaving is clear.

  5. Are refrigerator water filters necessary?

    Refrigerator water filters are important in preventing you from consuming harmful bacteria and chemicals such as lead, asbestos, mercury, pathogens and other wastes every time you get a glass of water from the fridge.

    Refrigerator water filters also keep your fridge from aging faster due to scaling and deposit buildup in the water and ice machine.


One important thing for maintaining replacement water filters is to continue to replace the cartridge on a regular basis. Now, while it depends in large part on the quantity and quality of filtered water ensure that you replace in 6 months. Don’t wait to notice that your water tastes different. Remember the reason why you got a purifier? It was for the health of your family. Then why put yourself at risk by not replacing the cartridge in time?

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