10 Best RV Water Softeners from Reddit (Ultimate Guide)

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One of the essential purchases you can make if you own an RV is an RV water softener. An RV water softener is built-in with the ability to provide you with softened water with similar qualities offered by a whole house and stationary water softeners.

However, it offers you one major advantage – that is the fact that it lets you enjoy softened water wherever you decide to go by ensuring those minerals-rich water sources located at your convenience.

To make this a successful experience, we’ll provide you with reviews on the 10 best  RV water softeners in the market currently, discussing the various types, key factors, talk about relevant topic discussions, various pros, and cons of each product, etc.

10 Best RV Water Softener Reviews 2020

1. Mobile-Soft-Water Portable Softener 3.2 Kgr Shorty for Rv

  • Product dimension: ‎6 x 6 x 16 inches
  • Compact, space saver
  • Portable softeneing
  • Removes soluable calcium and soluble iron

This is the first Point-of-Entry water softener system on our list. The Mobile portable soft Water Softener System lets customers move away from having to do the regeneration process using electricity. It conditions water of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, radium, and other heavy metals

This unit offers versatility has it is effective not only in recreational vehicles but also in condos, apartments, and tiny homes as well

Another remarkable benefit worth emphasizing is that the company even added in an installation kit, which is a nice touch and it goes on to shows how the mobile water softener is trying to create a user-friendly product

The company even has a five-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.


  • it’s affordable
  • this type of softener is automated
  • has a digital clock that automatically controls the unit.
  • 5-year warranty


  • Could be difficult to install for some

2. On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable 16000 Grain RV Softener

  • Product dimension: 7 x 19.5 x 7.3 inches
  • Removes Dirt, Paint, Rust, And Scale
  • Weight: 18 pounds

As the name suggests, On the Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable RV Softener a portable water softener that helps you get soft water all the time and anywhere you go.

The On the Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable RV Softener has a 16,000-grain capacity, which can fit your water softening needs because of this large capacity. This means it can produce twice the amount compared to the rest of the units in the competition.

Another amazing benefit worthy to emphasize is its ability to supply up to 40% more softened water than other portable units – that’s all due to its unique size, which supports such capabilities.

However, the benefits don’t stop there as this particular unit regenerates only in less than 30 minutes, considering this process takes 40-45 minutes with standard models of RV water softeners.

Also, this particular water softener is considered a powerhouse water softener as compared to other softeners because each of its cycles is capable of delivering a max of 1,600 gallons guaranteed to last for a max of 40 days before it needs to regenerate again.

Another advantage of having this water softener is its lightweight and compact design, which makes it incredibly storable as it’s space-friendly and doesn’t require huge space.

This unit has a built-in handle on the top that makes it easy to carry around. It’s also easy to add salt to this particular unit because of its wide mouth opening.

Furthermore, it allows you to conveniently and effortlessly connect it to an inlet hose with the aid of its 360-degree swivel.


  • value for money
  • easy to install


  • expensive

3. ABC Waters 16,000-Grain Portable Water Softener

  • Product information:10 x 10 x 20 inches
  • item weight: 34.3 pounds
  • Reduces Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Radium and other Heavy Metals

If you’re looking for a reliable water softener, then the ABC waters 16,000-Grain portable water softener will be a perfect choice for you.

This is another versatile RV water softener, which can be used in lots of different ways. It’s useful for boats, RVs, doing the laundry, taking a shower, doing the utensils, and even for car washing.

One of its amazing benefits is its proven capacity to get rid of hard water even when RV camping is ongoing. This particular water softener has an insane amount of features that make it useful in a broad way of areas. That’s to mean, it’s not only useful for supplying softened water for recreational vehicles but also for boats, mobile homes, and even in small apartments.

This unit does not disappoint since it regenerates in just a few minutes. The regeneration process is quick and easy, which is almost unheard of for an RV water softener.

Aside from being able to regenerate quickly, this model can let you enjoy up to a maximum of 2000 gallons of soft water per every regeneration cycle, which makes this unit again stand out as one of the best. This makes this particular RV water softener efficient hence we highly recommend it.

We also think it is a good purchase because of its portability. The compact design makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. The tank is also easy to store and handle, measuring only 10 by 18 inches. The tank also has a handle that makes it easy to carry around.

Also worth mentioning is its 16,000-grain capacity which makes it ideal for its broad range of uses.


  • Able to soften water for RVs, mobile homes, small apartments, and boats
  • regenerates within a few minutes
  • Each regeneration cycle supplies a maximum of 2,000 gallons of soft water
  • Solid and compact design that makes it portable and easy to carry around


  • Not ideal for household uses
  • The manual is a bit hard to understand

4. Watts Water Quality M7002 Flow-Pur RV-Pro 10,000 Water Softener

  • Product dimensions: 22 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • High flow rates up to 4 GPM with low pressure drop
  • Uses common table salt

As compared to the models mentioned above the Watts Water RV-Pro 10,000-M7002 RV Water Softener, has less capacity but this feature doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of solving all your hard water problems in your recreational vehicle.

 The Watts RV water softener is one of the best water softeners we found because of its outstanding set of features that make it a top-notch water softener in its way. For example, with its lesser capacity it’s quite a bit lighter than these other models, promoting ease in installation and carrying around.

So if you’re interested in buying a dependable and reliable Watts RV water softener, then I’d highly suggest checking out this particular water softener. Its compact and solid size, weighing only 24 lbs makes it lighter, hence portable. These features also allow you to store it in the tightest spaces in your recreational vehicle.

Another positive feature of this unit is that it is in-built with a unique valve design, which lets you regenerate it without having to disconnect it. The product also comes with a drain line flow restrictor that provides better regeneration of salt. This eventually increases its capacity by up to 55 percent.

The Watts water softener features a full cradle base that makes the tank more secure when compared to others that use open base tanks.

It’s also very flexible hence making it possible to be installed almost anywhere – whether it’s in a boat, cabin camper, RV, or home.

Another cool feature of this unit is that it only uses common table salt to deliver the best performance.

 Another good feature why this unit is a good buy is that it delivers a high flow rate. It reaches a max of 4 GPM. Such is also combined with its low-pressure drop. This high output ensures that you enjoy a decent water pressure until the last drop, something worth considering.

On the other hand, this product is a little costly as compared to other water softeners from the same category. Yes, the capacity is a little bit lower as compared to other models but it makes it up for its other numerous amazing features.


  • its compact solid size makes it lightweight and portable
  • There’s no need to disconnect when regenerating
  • Its full cradle base makes it a more secure tank than others


  • Built-in drain line flow restrictor
  • The built-in hose fittings do not rotate.
  • A bit expensive than others in the category

5. Mobile Soft Water 16,000-Grain Portable Water Softener

  • Product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 21.63 inches
  • item weight: ‎33 pounds
  • Removes Total Hardness and Soluble Iron
  • Suitable for Recreational Vehicle Use
  • LEAD FREE USEPA, NSF61 Approved Water Connections

The Mobile Soft Water 16,000-Grain Portable Water Softener offers a 16000-grain capacity. Its 16,000-grain capacity removes up to 16,000 grains total hardness in water.

This particular unit also comes at an affordable price hence making it an investment worth considering. Aside from it being affordable, this particular model has other amazing features.

For instance, its capability to regenerate without electricity, by this I mean it will automatically allow you to access soft water anywhere you bring it regardless of the circumstances.

Another benefit of this particular unit is that it conditions water making sure that it is free of radium, lead, iron, magnesium, calcium, and any other heavy and harmful metals often present in municipal water and wells.

Also by choosing this model, you’ll enjoy its amazing capability of treating a maximum of 5 gallons of water per minute. This is most definitely something you’ll love to have especially if you want to condition large amounts of water quickly.

Because this particular portable water softener is capable of quickly and effortlessly regenerating without the need for electricity, it makes it easy to use while promoting its mobile nature.

Another reason to consider this unit is that it has a tank, which can handle a load of up to one-half cubic feet of high-capacity and high-charged water softening resin.

Also, this unit is made up of durable materials, including lead-free nylon for its inlet connection and fiberglass-reinforced plastic for its pressure vessel.

The compact and solid size of this model makes it lightweight hence easy to carry around and install. On a similar front, the model is also extremely easy to lug around, which is always an added advantage as RVs are always on the go.

Thus by all standards, this unit would make any RV owner happy.


  • Decent 16,000-grain capacity
  • Removes heavy and harmful metals and chemicals
  • Does not require electricity to regenerate
  • It’s mobile and portable
  • Uses NSF-approved and sturdy nylon fittings
  • Ease to set up and use
  • Can treat up to five gallons of water per minute
  • Comes with a user manual


  • Does not have an input water hose connector
  • Can have wear and tear over time

6. On the Go OTG4-Std 8,000-Grain Portable Water Softener

  • Built for the owner of any RV/Marine model.
  • Prevents hard water & rust stains, avoids scale build-up, improves taste and odor, increases lifespan of appliances and will also improve rough dry skin while increasing lathering of soaps.
  • Easy to carry handle, large mouth opening for easy salt addition, quick and easy regeneration, easy and fast hook-up.

Concerning customer reviews on Amazon, you’ll be delighted to know that this particular on the go model is best known to be very effective in providing RV owners with soft water. This is another highly recommended portable water softener.

This model is designed in such a way that it can avoid rust stains and scale build-up while improving the odor/ taste of water.

Also, this model prevents rough and dry skin, let you easily lather soap, and increases the lifespan of your onboard appliances.

Another reason why I’d recommend this unit is its ability to allow high flow rates with a very low-pressure drop. This feature allows it to convert all the hard water into soft water and at a reasonable rate.

Its 8,000-grain capacity makes it suitable for both marine and RV users. This portable water softener regenerates using just a box of table salt within 15 minutes or less.

For each regeneration cycle, it gives you a supply of soft water enough for up to twenty days. Like all other portable water softeners, another positive point of this water softener is its compact size as it gives you the chance to install it even in the tightest spaces.

Also, it promotes a high flow rate while complementing it with a low-pressure drop.


  • Prevents rust stains and scale build-up
  • Perfect for marine and RV users
  • Provides up to 8,000-grain capacity
  • Regeneration time takes only 15 minutes or less
  • Convenient and compact size makes it easy to install


  • The plastic used in the fittings is a bit flimsy and weak
  • A bit small to handle

7. On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water

  • Product dimension: 7x 24.25 x 7.3
  • Removes Dirt, Paint, Rust, And Scale
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Produces 320 -800 gallons (with hardness of 10-25 grains)

The On the Go OTG3NTP3M is another great choice for the high-quality RV water softener which will always make sure you have soft water in your RV.

This particular unit has a lot of benefits; first, its design makes it easy to use and handle. Second, it supplies soft water for around 7 to 14 days. Also; this unit is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry around. It has the capacity of softening around 300 to 700 gallons before recharging it.

Also, its quick recharging or regeneration time of fewer than 15 minutes is quite amazing.

You can recharge or regenerate it in just fifteen minutes using a box of common salt.

Storage of the tank is also easier as you can also easily store the tank because of the caps that you can place on the outlet and inlet valves of the unit.

Another advantage of this unit is that you can control high water flow in the inlet pipe because of its shut-off valve.

Another important benefit that you will surely love from this unit is the fact that it features adapters that will let you hook it up to RV, marine and garden hose water connectors. Such promotes the flexibility and versatility of the unit.

From all this information you can tell on the go has done it again with this a product that will 100 percent meet your needs. All the very least, it’s very worth considering.


  • It supplies soft water for 7-14 days
  • Lightweight and compact, hence compatible
  • Quick recharging/regeneration time of around 15 minutes
  • Helps remove bad taste and odor in the water
  • Easy to store


  • Not ready to use out of the box hence making it hard to use the first time

8. On The Go Park Model Portable RV Water Softener &Conditioner

  • Product information: 23.4 x 11 x 10.8 inches
  • item weight: ‎32 pounds
  • Provides water up to 1600 gallons or up to 40 days.
  • Its compact, space-saver design allows it to be installed in the tightest places

The On the Go Park Model Portable RV Water Softener and Conditioner is another product that continues to showcase why On the Go is a highly-regarded brand. There’s no way you can go wrong with any of the On the Go products and this one is no different.

First, it comes with a 32,000-grain capacity, which offers you up to 3200 gallons of soft water before regenerating. This feature makes it the best portable RV water softener model. Therefore, if you have massive water consumption, this unit might be the best possible option for you considering its significant large 32,000-grain capacity.

This unit has a built-in handle on the top that makes it easy to carry around. It’s also easy to add salt to this particular unit because of its wide mouth opening.

Another benefit of this unit is that it makes use of common table salt. Its large 32,000-grain capacity however, comes with a challenge as it makes the product a bit heavier thus making it a challenge to carry and store.

Another benefit of this unit is that it makes use of common table salt. Its large 32,000-grain capacity however, comes with a challenge as it makes the product a bit heavier thus making it a challenge to carry and store.

 This doesn’t mean the product isn’t light. It’s quite the opposite as is still a reasonable weight that does not make the carrying or installing process too complicated at all.

Another remarkable benefit of this unit is that it has a cap and plug to stop leakage and make the unit more travel friendly.


  • Large 32,000-grain capacity
  • Makes use of common table salt
  • Has a cap and plug to stop leakage and make it more travel friendly


  • Its large capacity makes it heavier to move around.

9. Mobile Soft Water 12,800 RV Portable & Manual Softener

  • Product dimensions: ‎8.25 x 8.25 x 21.63 inches
  • Item weight: 29 pounds
  • Flow rate: 4GPM

The second product from Mobile Soft Water on our list is The Mobile Soft Water 12,800 RV Portable and Manual Softener which is the most affordable water softener as it comes at a lower price.

 However, this does not mean it’s not a top-level product because of its low price. It treats water up to a maximum of 5 gallons per minute, a very impressive figure.

To make it even quite impressive, it will do so up to 1280 gallons of hard water with no need to regenerate, making it a top-notch product. Therefore, we can all agree that its inexpensive price doesn’t affect its performance capabilities. 

Also, this unit incredibly lightweight, and its compact design makes it portable thus making the installation and storage process a piece of cake.

Another advantage of this unit is that the materials used to make it are high-end and durable which helps keep the product in pristine condition. Also, the lead-free nylon in-let connection and the softener vessel are constructed from fiberglass.

And to top it off, the Mobile Soft Water company offers you a one-year warranty, which gives you insurance in case anything goes a miss.

it’s will be fair to say Mobile Safe Water found a way to create, high-quality products at an affordable price model that RV owners wouldn’t complain about having around. If you’re a bargain buyer, then we strongly recommend this unit.


  • Made up of high durable high-end materials
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s incredibly lightweight thus easy installation
  • It’s portable


  • Could wear and tear

Buying Guide for an RV Water Softener

In this section, we’re going to consider a few factors and things that you’d always take into consideration when purchasing a water softener. Buying the right water softener for your RV is important because it’s a longtime investment. 

best RV water Softeners

The first thing to consider is the type of water softener. On this, we will start with the salt-based RV water softener, which is the most effective if you’re dealing with a salt solution.

However, take note that these types of water softeners come with some pros as well. First, they’re a lot more expensive, second, they occupy a lot of space and lastly they require salt to work.

Apart from the salt-based RV water softeners we also have the electronic system ones. These make use of electronic wires to recharge or regenerate.

The first benefit of these is that they take less space as compared to salt-based water softeners. But they come up with drawbacks as well, the lack of salt means they’re less effective than the standard salt-based ones.

Another type is the salt-free models which as we have reviewed above are incredibly effective, they do, however, have drawbacks as well.

For instance, they don’t eliminate the issues causing mineral ions but instead, they only make them change the form, they just crystallize them making them not to scale your surfaces, but in a real sense, you’re still exposed to these ions they are not eliminated.

Another option is the magnetic water system, which makes use of magnets that are attached to the device’s pipe. These magnets mean that the way mineral ions are charged will be disrupted, which further prevents clogs in pipes.

Therefore, considering all these benefits and drawbacks that come with each type, we can all agree that you have to consider a lot before deciding which type of RV water softener to settle for.

Size is another crucial factor you have to consider. And since you are looking for a water softener designed for your RV, you have to pick a size, which is indeed suitable for it.

That’s why it’s always advisable to go for a portable water softener- one that means that you can take it anywhere. A portable water softener appears in a portable tank style. You can also utilize standard table salt.

The size of the portable water softener is just enough to ensure all your soft water needs are met. It’s big enough to the extent that it can accommodate up to 4-5 users.

Another essential factor you must consider when choosing an RV water softener is the capacity of the water softener. The capacity of a water softener is measured based on the number of grains of hardness in water it can get rid of.

We’d recommend finding a water softener that’s rated 8000-grain capacity and above. Such capacity means the water softener can handle at least days before the need to regenerate. To determine the capacity of water softener that you need, multiply the GPG (grains per gallon) value with your entire family’s water consumption in gallons.

For commercial water consumption, we’d recommend water softeners rated 16,000 grains capacity and above

If an 8,000-grain capacity model may be unable to meet your soft water needs, then avoid buying it and instead go for one rated 10,000 and 16000-grain capacity, which will both meet your needs. Also make sure that it is not too big, though, so you can avoid wasting money.

Find out if the water softener you are planning to buy holds all the features that you need. Note that some of these softeners can be operated manually, causing the need to regenerate it every time you require softened water. Some softeners, on the other hand, are equipped with high-tech features and modern qualities.

Some tend to restart automatically, which is more convenient since you will no longer have to be burdened by constant renewal and regeneration. If possible, choose this type. The favorite one among consumers is also usually the meter-based one as it facilitates the automatic regeneration of water, saving you time and effort.

This refers to the speed through which a water softener can produce soft water which is usually measured in grains per gallon (GPM). The flow rate varies from one model to another.

It’d be very important to determine the specific models’ flow rate before you decide to buy. This will mean that you can easily compare it with the maximum usage in your RV, helping you determine which one is best suited for your RV.

 Therefore, you must check the actual installation process and steps and make sure you can handle them, before settling for the prod

Benefits of Installing an RV Water Softener

Water softeners come with a lot of advantages. Installing the best RV water softener can make your life on the road even more exciting fun and enjoyable as you get to consume only soft water. With the water softener, you get to enjoy the following the following benefits:

  • Reduces your energy bill

Your appliances that use water usually function more effectively with the aid of soft water. It is mainly due to the fact that there will be no lime scale that will interfere with the transfer of heat. Also regular supply of soft reduces the risk of lime scale clogging in your plumping system.

  • Helps keeps your hair and skin soft

Remember that hard water contains mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium that if you shower with, will cause your hair to become brittle, dry, and dull. Also if you shower using hard water, your skin will most likely feel dry. Actually, your skin could even feel irritated and itchy because the minerals present in hard water will deplete the natural oils in your skin.

Using soft water to bathe or shower will preserve the natural oils of your skin and hair. Hence making them soft and smooth. With this mind, bathing or taking a shower using soft water will most definitely make your bathing experience much more enjoyable.

  • Saves time during cleaning

As we’ve mentioned above, using softened water prevents the build-up of limescale. On the same note, if limescale is left to accumulate over time, it can lead to the development of white crust and stains from hard water. These white crust and stains usually take a lot of time to remove, often requiring heavy-duty scrubbing to get rid of.

Installing a water softener will make sure the water you’re consuming is also soft and free of mineral ions such calcium and magnesium, thus preventing development of lime scale on your appliances. This saves you time when cleaning.

  • Limits environmental pollution

Having a water softener saves the environment to some extent.For instance, if you’ve installed a water softener in your RV, marine or house will definitely prevent you from using chemicals in cleaning products.This will reduce environmental pollution by ensuring such harsh chemicals are not released to the rivers and streams.

Other benefits of installing a water softener to your RV include; prevention of rust stains, increases the lifespan of your on-board appliances, improves water taste and last but least it eliminates foul water odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Regeneration Time?

In most water softeners, the regeneration time takes 85 to 90 minutes per each regeneration cycle. However, it’s always advisable to check the user manual that comes with the model just to be sure how much time is needed for the regeneration cycle to complete. For instance, if you have purchased the soft water softener model, you should read and understand the user manual that comes with it for regeneration time reminders.

How to Regenerate RV Water Softener?

The process of regenerating an RV water softener usually varies from one model to the other. This process is dependent on the unit you’ve purchased. therefore, its always advisable to read and understand the user manual and instructions for best results. However, it’s important to note that most models come with built-in-knobs which require to be turned on to start the process of regeneration.

Does the Water Softener Go through a Lot of Salt?

Yes, the water softeners need to through and use salt for it to function. What you should always make sure is that you’ve added the correct amount of salt. Again refer to the user manual that comes with your water softener just to be sure, because if you had the wrong amount of salt, then you won’t be solve your hard water problems.

Therefore, you should always make sure to maintain the correct amount of salt in the softener’s tank. And again the amount of salt required will depend on the specific model you own, that’s why we recommend that you’d check the user manual to be sure.

Is It Possible To Use Potassium Instead Of Salt?

Yes, you’re actually allowed to use potassium instead of salt. One drawback though, is that potassium is a bit expensive than salt. So if you’re on a salt-restricted diet, then potassium chloride could be an alternative option instead of salt.

Remember though potassium has a tendency of melting down when wet. This means, it will cause a bridge development within your RV water softener tank. Due to these experts recommend filling more than half way mark when using potassium.


Assess all the models discussed in here, and decide which one to buy based on your needs, preferences and of course on your budget.

 With the help of the short reviews and buying guide indicated in this article, you actually have a higher chance of making a more informed choice.  Thus we are certain you’re going to purchase an RV water softener that is not only affordable but also efficient and effective while having the ability to perform its function for several years.

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