Simple Ways of Recycling Water Filters ( Brita, Pur, Aquasana water filters)

As awareness of the environmental cost of producing and throwing away waste plastic grows, it’s not surprising that most consumers want to find simple ways of recycling water filters. As a result, many companies including Brita, Pur, and Aquasana Water filters have modified or overhauled their products to earn the title Eco friendly.

Simple Ways of Recycling Water Filters

When it’s time to change your water filter cartridges, probably the best way to go about recycling the used filter cartridge is to take the package to their local recycling center. Most recycling water filter companies have several recycling centers around towns making it convenient for all customers to participate in their recycling program.

Another way to recycle your used water filter cartridge is to use the city’s curbside recycling pickup. This is certainly the easiest way to make sure that you are recycling your used water filter cartridge. All you need to do is place your recyclable water filter cartridge into the correct bins and the workers will do the rest.

One important aspect to be aware of when it comes to recycling used cartridges is to make sure that you are following all the rules associated with recycling. Ensure the product is recyclable. 

Because of this, you mustn’t try to recycle other types of filter cartridges as this will cause a problem at the recycling center. Make sure to read up on all the requirements set forth by your local recycling plant so that you do not place non-recyclable products into the bins. 

DIY water filters are another way of converting your used water filter and once again getting control of your water. You  can also repurpose your used water filters for other

Recycling waste filter cartridges are now more important than ever. To help save our Earth, we will need to recycle as many plastic products as possible. Almost everyone can afford a water filter and with an awareness of environmental conservation, great strides have also been made in recycling efforts and other green lifestyles. These steps are a step in the right direction.

No More Plastic Bottled Water

No more plastic bottles

Currently, only about 15% of water bottles are recycled. Each year, 28 billion bottles are consumed across the world. That leaves almost 24 billion water bottles to be dumped in landfills across the world. This creates a great deal of waste that puts enormous pressure on our planet’s environment.

How about cutting out bottled water altogether? Buy yourself some sort of water filter system, and make your drinkable water. The water you get from a filter is cleaner than tap water and even most bottled water. Filtered water is more environmentally friendly and even a great deal cheaper than bottled water.

That’s right. Not only will buying a household water filter save the environment, but it will also save you money. How is that for an incentive to get clean, delicious drinking water that will also help make your world a better place?

For instance, Aquasana has initiated a “Bottle Your Own” campaign and its products.

For an eco-friendly product to be sustainable and thrive, it must perform better and deliver a noticeable ecological advantage.

Brita Water Filters

BRITA is a worldwide brand leader in household water filtration and a pioneer in filter technology. The features of a BRITA style household water filter jug are:

  • 1.8L filtered capacity (2.5L total capacity).
  • Removes impurities from water for clearer, cleaner, and safer water.
  • Classic, elegant white design.
  • Integral spout cover.
  • Ideal for every household.
  • Includes 1 filter.
  • Brita filtration systems reduce chlorine (taste and odor). Brita filters also keep a healthy level of fluoride, a water additive that promotes strong teeth.

Note: it is recommended that you replace the filter once every 8 weeks. Replacement filters are available from most Brita retailers.

There are other reasons why BRITA has been among the leading experts in the field of water optimization. All components of the Brita water filter cartridge are recyclable. Some components are removed from the old cartridge after which it goes through a recycling process. These recycled Brita cartridges are also required to undergo a quality test before they are retailed.

Pur Water Filters

The PUR brand offers various categories of water filters each of them designed uniquely for its designated purpose. These PUR products include:

  • PUR Faucet Mounted Filters

This is a 3 stage water purifier that is very easy to set up with the sink. It is available in 12 attractive designs and can purify up to 100 gallons of water, straight from the tap.

  • PUR Pitchers and Dispensers

 This is specially made for drinking water and is available in 4-pitcher like the design. It filters water in 2 stages making it 99.9% safe to drink.

  • PUR replacement filters

For every type of filter, PUR provides replacement filters, available in affordable packages.

  • PUR CounterTop and Undersink  Filters

Under-sink and countertop filters are available in 4 different easy-to-use designs and useful features.

  • Portable PUR filters

These filters are very handy to carry on any journey or camping. PUR calls these ‘the hikers’ collection’. They are cheap and designed differently according to the purposes they’ll serve.

PUR water filters include a chart that shows the reduction or removal of unhealthy additives. The typical use of PUR water filters is 2 – 3 months or 100 gallons. How do I know when the filter is ready to change you may ask. PUR water filter has an indicator right on it that is so easy to use. The automatic gauge is standard on all PUR filters.

In case you are a PUR customer, you have to join the movement  PUR has partnered with RecycleNation to make recycling your used PUR products easy. Simply enter your Zip Code to find a drop-off location near you to recycle your used PUR products.

Aquasana Water Filters

Aquasana is known for its products that meet the government and the industry standards and a state of welfare of the entire society. These portable filtered water containers are recyclable and hence environmentally friendly and come in glass decanters in which case there is no issue of leaching plastic by-products into the water affecting both taste and purity.

Below are some of the advantages of owning an Aquasana Water Filter System according to its manufacturers:

  • Tested and certified by the California Department of Health for contaminant reduction claims
  • Tested under more challenging conditions to determine the effectivity of claims i.e. for lead reduction efficiency, the system was tested at a level 10% higher (155-160) than the certification requirement 0f 150 parts per billion based on a 500-gallon test cycle.
  • Tested under real-life conditions by adding challenged chemicals to regular chlorinated tap water.
  • Uses selective filtration – a better way than distillation and reverse osmosis
  • Uses dual filtration system – filters out contaminants and leaves the natural trace of minerals
  • More economical than the most popular water filtration brand.
  • Easy to install and easy to maintain.
  • Backed up by excellent technical support.
  • Has a lifetime warranty.
  • The advantages outlined are advantages the manufacturers boast of.


There are now hundreds of good reasons for the surge in “green” products. Is a tremendous alternative to bottled water, and can prevent thousands of plastic containers from making their way into landfills and polluting the environment. Additionally, a quality home water treatment appliance is also quite likely the best investment you can make in the health of your family. There is only one reasonable choice when it comes to getting pure, delicious water that won’t cost you a fortune and won’t put unnecessary stress on the environment.

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