Simple Ways of Recycling Water Filters ( Brita, Pur, Aquasana water filters)

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simple ways of recycling water filters

As awareness of the environmental cost of producing and throwing away waste plastic grows, it’s not surprising that most consumers want to find simple ways of recycling water filters. As a result, many companies have modified or overhauled their products to earn the title Eco friendly.

So, how can you tell if a company recycles its cartridges? So it is really helpful when you find a website that can make this less of a hustle and it really makes sense to learn more before you buy a water filter.

So, this post is about;

  • Can water filters be recycled?
  • What are the most Eco friendly water filters?
  • What to do with old water filters

Can water filters be recycled?

can water filters be recycled

When it’s time to change your water filter cartridges, one important aspect is ensuring that the product is recyclable. Fortunately, the majority of water filters are recyclable.

The best way to go about recycling the used filter cartridge is to take the package to their local recycling center. Most recycling water filter companies have several recycling centers around towns making it convenient for all customers to participate in their recycling program.

Another way to recycle your used water filter cartridge is to use the city’s curbside recycling pickup. This is certainly the easiest way to make sure that you are recycling your used water filter cartridge. All you need to do is place your recyclable water filter cartridge into the correct bins and the workers will do the rest.

You should however make sure to read up on all the requirements set forth by your local recycling plant so that you do not place non-recyclable products into the bins.

What are the most eco-friendly water filter?

1. Brita Water Filters; Is Brita filter recyclable?

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BRITA is a worldwide brand leader in household water filtration and a pioneer in filter technology, including being among the leading experts in the field of water optimization. The good news is that all the components of the Brita water filter cartridge are recyclable.

Brita has a partnership program with TerraCycle to recycle its components. During the recycling process, some components are removed from the old cartridge and are recycled. After the recycling process, they undergo a quality test before they are retailed.

NB: Terracycle awards points for every shipment, you make from which you can earn aTerraCycle product bundle or you can donate to an organization of your choice.

2. Pur water filter; Is Pur filter recyclable?

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PUR is one of the leading manufacturers of water treatment systems in the country. It’s not easy to find a name you can trust that sells a multi-filtration appliance.

With all the advantages that PUR water filters offers, it’s also Eco friendly.

PUR has partnered with RecycleNation to make recycling your used PUR products easy. Simply enter your Zip Code to find a drop-off location near you.

Aquasana Water Filters; Is Aquasana recyclable?

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Aquasana is known for its products that meet the government and the industry standards and the state of welfare of the entire society.

These portable filtered water containers are recyclable and hence environmentally friendly and come in glass decanters in which case there is no issue of leaching plastic by-products into the water affecting both taste and purity.

Aquasana has initiated a “Bottle Your Own” campaign and its products. For an eco-friendly product to be sustainable and thrive, it must perform better and deliver a noticeable ecological advantage.

How to clean and reuse old water filters

Old water filter cartridges can be cleaned and be used again. This can save you money and is a reprieve to the environment.

how to clean and reuse water filters

In order to properly clean your cartridges, you will need the following: some muriatic acid, two plastic buckets, and some protective eye gear and clothing. You can buy muriatic acid or oxalic acid from the local hardware or DIY store, it hardly costs a few dollars.

And this is how to do it:

  • Make sure that the container or plastic bucket is big enough for the cartridge to lay down horizontally. Then pour half a gallon of water in it.
  • Add one cup of acid in the water and make sure you are outside in the fresh air when you do it. Alternatively be in a well ventilated area.
  • Take out the cartridge from the filter and clean it as much as possible with clean water first, so the extra debris leaves right away.
  • Put the cartridge in the bucket with water and acid and leave it for a week or so to soak and remove the remaining debris.
  • Once the rust is entirely removed from the cartridge, take it out from the bucket and then put it in the second bucket which has clean water in it.
  • Finally, rinse it with flowing water.


How do you make a homemade water filter with recycled materials?

DIY water filters are another way of converting your used water filter and once again getting control of your water.


Currently, only about 15% of water bottles are recycled. Each year, 28 billion bottles are consumed across the world. That leaves almost 24 billion water bottles to be dumped in landfills across the world. This creates a great deal of waste that puts enormous pressure on our planet’s environment.

To help save our Earth, we will need to recycle as many plastic products as possible. Almost everyone can afford a water filter and with an awareness of environmental conservation, great strides have also been made in recycling efforts and other green lifestyles. These steps are a step in the right direction.

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