Do Vitamin C shower filters work?

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Vitamin C Shower filters work so well in removing chlorine from your water. Vitamin C shower filters perform well with any water pressure, low or high, and remain constant over the lifetime of the filter.

A KDF shower filter is a metal alloy consisting of copper & zinc which can be released into your shower water and be absorbed by your skin or inhaled into your lungs. The effects of this on the human body are as of yet unknown.

High levels of copper, not chlorine, in water, is responsible for “green hair” or “swimmers hair” in some people.Vitamin C is an all-natural medium and there are no known adverse side effects associated with Vitamin C dechlorination.

KDF has the potential to create an unusually high number of free radicals through the same process that is used to neutralize free chlorine. In the absence of free chlorine, the zinc and copper radicals will attempt to equalize themselves by stealing electrons as soon as possible creating a free radical chain reaction within the body’s cells.

Vitamin C is known for its ability to protect the body from the invasion of such free radicals.

Vitamin C shower filters require no complicated backwashing procedure. It will perform at optimum levels right up until it needs to be replaced.