How do you filter chloramine out of shower water? (Quick Tips)

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There are several methods for removing chloramine from shower water, including using a water filter or water softener specifically designed to remove chloramines, using activated carbon, or using a combination of hydrogen peroxide and sodium thiosulfate.

It’s important to note that chloramine is a disinfectant used by many water utilities, and removing it from your water may not be necessary or advisable. If you have concerns about the quality of your water, it’s best to contact your local water utility for more information.

The majority of the conventional shower filters will remove small amounts of chloramines and free chlorine from your shower.

KDF shower filters will only remove free chlorine. Their  effectiveness depends on how long the media stays in contact with the free chlorine. Longer contact times cannot occur in a shower filter, and this will limit its overall effectiveness.

But Vitamin C  shower filters will completely neutralize both chloramine and  free chlorine instantly upon contact through simple chemistry.