How does ZeroWater filtration affect the pH of the water?

it doesn’t it change the PH. Zerowater filters your tap water and removes the undissolved solids. Gives your water a really good taste

It doesn’t, it simply removes particles. Making water alkaline is a completely different thing.

ZeroWater is the reigning King of low-cost water filtration devices.
Seeing your water purity go from 150.00 to 250.00 PPM of contaminants, down to literally “0.00” is exciting.
No other affordably-priced water filters can do that. I give it “Five Stars” for quality and affordability.

However, there is a “dirty little secret” that ZeroWater desperately hopes you don’t discover:
… how to make their water filters last at least 5 times as long, without sacrificing water purity at all.
I will tell you the secret:

The company makes its money on selling you $10 replacement water filters that only last about 30 to 50 gallons,
and then the water impurity level starts to read more than “0.06” (the company-recommended filter-change interval).
For most couples or small families… that means a new $10 filter about every month.

Wait a minute! You mean that this filter purifies my tap water from over 150.00 PPM down to a negligible 0.06 PPM,
and at that point… while the filter is still operating at OVER 99.9% EFFICIENCY… I’m supposed to discard it,
and buy another of your $10 filters? Because 99.9%+ purity is somehow “unacceptable”? That’s crazy perfectionism!

Here is the SECRET to maintaining a purity rating of under 006 PPM for at least 5 times as long as the projected
30 to 50 gallons per filter… to get instead 150 to 250 hundred gallons per filter replacement:

Step One: Buy ZeroWater’s big 23-Cup Filter Device (Item # ZD-018) for less than $40 on Amazon.

Step Two: Buy ZeroWater’s 10-Cup Pitcher Filter (Item # ZP-010) for less than $30 on Amazon.

Fill the easy-to-manuever 10-Cup Pitcher at your kitchen sink, and filter your water through it…
… and THEN… pour that already-filtered-water (reading 0.00 – 100% pure) into your big 23-Cup Filter that
stays in your refrigerator and let that filtered water be filtered AGAIN.

This results in your Big 23-Cup unit’s filter receiving ALMOST NO impurities through it’s filter.

As your 10-Cup Pitcher’s filter slowly clogs with impurities and degrades down to the dreaded “006” level…
DO NOT DISCARD IT… just keep using it until it gets to 3 to 5 times that “impure”… which is “018” to “030”
Note that this is STILL VERY PURE…. even at this level that is quite a bit beyond the manufacturer-
recommended point of change… that water is still very pure and drinkable: but don’t drink it… instead:
POUR that 90%+ purified water from the 10-Cup Pitcher… into the big 23-Cup Filter, and filter it again…
down to “000” (or at least well under the “006” level… which is 99% to 100% pure).

Your filter in the big 23-Cup unit is thus always receiving water that is almost totally pure to begin with,

When the Big 23-Cup unit’s filter finally (after a very long time) reads “006”… you can take that
filter… and PUT IT IN YOUR 10-CUP PITCHER as the new “pre-filter”… and pop a brand-new
ZeroWater Filter into your big 23-Cup unit, and you are good-to-go again… for a very long time.
Note: You can actually keep going a bit further… the water is still quite pure a bit beyond “006”.

That’s the whole cycle. That’s the big secret. That’s they way to get 150 to 250 GALLONS
out of each $10 filter… rather than just 30 to 50 gallons.

Buy 12 ten-dollar filters per year… or 2 to 3 ten-dollar filter per year… the choice is yours.

Isn’t it brilliant in its obvious simplicity?

Marcus is a fervent market researcher
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