How Long Do Uv Water Filters Last?

Category: UV light sterilizers

During the purchase of a water filter, you may want to know the lifeline of the UV water filter to acquire value for your money. UV water filters may last for a long time due to good maintenance, but they have systems that should be replaced to work effectively.

 The UV filters have a UV lamp that concentrates the amount of light to eliminate bacteria; this lamp has a display of 9000hrs and should be replaced annually for the UV filter to function effectively. After one year, the UV lamp stops working effectively; that’s why it is replaced annually.

Therefore it’s best to regularly clean and ensure its always clear for light penetration. Also, the sleeve should be replaced when it’s not clear enough to allow maximum light penetration to enhance the effective functioning of the UV water filter.

Furthermore, the UV water filters last for long, depending on how you maintain it. During the filtration process, it’s very important to maintain the added pre-filtration systems that filter out minerals and sediments such as the sediment filters and carbon filters. These filters should be changed after a certain period, and that’s by regularly monitoring the system to ensure that they’re all functioning properly.

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