Is chloramine vapor deadly?

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Chloramine is not known to be deadly when inhaled as a vapor. However, inhaling large amounts of any chemical can be harmful and can cause irritation to the respiratory system. Chloramine is a chemical compound that is commonly used as a disinfectant in water treatment plants.

It is not volatile and is not known to evaporate into the air at normal temperatures and pressures, so the risk of inhaling it as a vapor is low. If you are concerned about the potential health effects of inhaling chloramine, it is best to consult a doctor or other medical professional.

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Have you ever mixed bleach and ammonia to clean? Of course not! The gases that come out from that mixture can quickly become deadly!

The chloramine gases in your home can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

If someone in your home suffers from asthma or emphysema high concentrations, it can lead to coma and death. I can’t overstate how frightening it is to struggle for a breath!