PUR Water Dispenser Leaking

Category: Pur Water Filters

A leaking water dispenser can be caused by a few different things. One possibility is that the water supply hose is loose or has a leak.

Another possibility is that the water tank or dispenser spout has a crack or hole in it. In either case, it’s best to unplug the water dispenser and try to identify the source of the leak. If you’re unable to do so, or if the leak is severe, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or a qualified repair technician for assistance.

Make sure that the filter has been twisted firmly to seal the leaking seal and stop the leaks. If the leak originates from the top, it may be due to a sloppy installation. Just remove the filter and try to re-install it correctly. When the filter is correctly tightened, the water outlet must be at the bottom of the appliance.