What Are The Symptoms Of Hard Water?

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Hard water can cause various problems. These are some that a lot of people deal with on a regular basis:

1) Soap film left over the skin, making the skin dry.
2) Pipelines blocked by minerals in hard water.
3) Shampoo residue, which can cause your hair to be soft and dull.
4) White film on tableware and lenses.
5) Clothing that does not seem like much because there is not enough foam in the washing machine.
6) Different taste in tea, coffee and all that was boiling in tap water.
7) Build-up of ladder and film on bathroom and kitchen equipment.
8) Water heaters have a shorter life
9) The minerals in hard water reduce clothing life
10) Higher utility bills because of scale accumulation in water heaters

This only scratch the surface of what hard water can do to you and your household. What softening water does is replace all the mineral ions with sodium or potassium. This effectively eliminates the hardness in water and turns it soft.

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