What shower filter removes chloramine?

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Chloramine is a chemical compound that is used as a disinfectant in water treatment. It can be removed from water using a shower filter that is specifically designed to remove chloramine.

These types of filters usually use a combination of activated carbon and other media to remove chloramine from the water. It is important to check the specifications of a shower filter to ensure that it is capable of removing chloramine before purchasing it.

There are various brands and types of chloramine and free chlorine shower filters in the market made to reduce chloramine and free chloramine. Shower filters have different filtration mediums and many  rely on KDF  as a method of removing chloramine and free chlorine.

Some of these shower filters  employ a combination of  KDF and Activated Charcoal (AC) or a similar kind of supplementary medium such as Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate/l-ascorbic acid).

The use of Vitamin C as a method of dechlorination has been used by the EPA for a number of years to dechlorinate wastewater before being reintroduced into water supplies.

Although vitamin C is a more expensive filtration medium, it’s the best method of dechlorination because it is all natural, instantaneous and provides near perfect results. It produces nearly perfect results without a negative impact on the environment.