Why Do People Drink Alkaline Water?

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Drinking high-quality alkaline water, not only supplies your body and blood with the stable oxygen you need, but it also detoxifies and super-moisturizes you naturally. All these properties help combat free radicals that continually threaten to shorten your life through disease and rapid aging.

Ionization converts ordinary tap water to natural minerals and oxygen and antioxidants are created. Illnesses do not develop in an alkaline environment that is full of clean oxygen – it develops in an acidic, dehydrated, oxygen-free environment.

When you drink the ionized water, it helps your body neutralize the acid waste (toxins) that disease thrives on.

Since this antioxidant property comes from the “electrolyzed” enhancement to the water, these antioxidants do not have to go through the metabolic process before being utilized. They are able to go directly to the cell walls to prevent and repair free radical damage in an efficient and powerful way.

They also act as a “carrier” to help convey the antioxidant properties of foods and supplements in a deeper way. Cellular health is guaranteed by adequate hydration, detoxification, and oxygen

Oxygen-rich cells contribute to optimal health. Oxygen in the bloodstream, it’s like fresh oil in the car. The clean oil keeps your car properly lubed and works like a top.

The oxygen in your blood means that your blood is capable of circulating at a regular and regular pace so that your heart can pump easily. More oxygen is the result of more energy, mental clarity.

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