Why You Should Get a Shower Filter?

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Below is a couple of the major reason you should buy a shower filter.

Harmful Contaminants
Most municipal water systems are not designed to remove the complex chemicals that are finding their way into our water sources, and they add chlorine (a known carcinogen) to kill bacteria, yet some of those bacteria are actually chlorine resistant.

Here are some of the main concerns we all share about our drinking water:
1) Chlorine and chloramines
2) Volatile Organic Compounds (pesticides, herbicides, etc.)
3) Heavy metals
4) Bacteria and viruses (Giardia and Cryptosporidium)
5) General Sediment
6) Discarded, expired and unused prescriptions flushed down the toilet
7) Fluoride

Some water filtration systems are designed especially to remove lead particles, while others may be specialized to remove chlorine. But neither of these two filter types may be able to remove microorganisms like bacteria. For this purpose, special filters are used. To find the right filter for your needs check out a summary of water filter types.

Most issues with taste are caused by organic elements in the water such as surface contamination at the source (perhaps a river or reservoir), Chlorine added by the water company to kill bacteria and microorganisms, or sulfur. The things that make the water taste bad can also make your cooking and your coffee not taste as good as they should.

Carbon filters are convenient and economically improve the taste of water but do not remove lead, dissolved inorganic particles, or other harmful material. To determine the best system for you see a good site on Filtration Methods or Filter Types.

Physical Effects on Your Skin and Hair
Water that isn’t pure can make your skin dry and cause rashes, make your hair dry and brittle, cause you to use more soap when washing clothes, and possibly allow contaminants to be absorbed through the skin while bathing or showering. Again, to determine the best system for you, see a site on Filtration Methods or Filter Types.