Best Whole House Water Filter Cartridges

Tap water, though an easily accessible and abundant food source, is also filled with contaminants, pollutant particles and sludge.

Therefore water must be filtered with a filtration device. A typical type of home water filtration system.

We created the following review of the top options available. They feature a wide range of excellent filter brands known for heavy-duty filter quality and high-quality components.

I have listed a few reviews on the best filter cartridges available for most standard 10-inch-x 2.5-inch filters.

Best overall DuPont Whole Houe Cartridges

Editors’ Choice.

The typical sizes for whole house water filter cartridges are 8″x4″ for the Big Blue system and 8″x3″ for smaller width.

1. Pureplus Sediments & Carbons.

2. Aquaboo Sediments. Ice pure Sediment & Carbs.

Best Offer.

4. Aquaboon Sediments 25-packs.

Is this a good water purifying filter cartridge that can be purchased for 10 litres or more of water?

It is an excellent mixture of sediment and activated carbon filters.

Whole house filtered water provides clean, fresh water.

Possibly your water issues are different from those of your neighbors. In addition, there is a range of types of whole house water filters you need.

Filson manufactures dozens of different water filters, including high-flow water filtering cartridges and filter socks.

Amongst all Filson filters, carbon block filters, highflow filters, water bags and wired cartridges are the most common and popular item in the beverage and water industries.

Filson Carbon Block Filters are often used to filter water or to filter RO systems as it has a very strong active carbon that can reduce chlorine even when intercepting particles.

There are now many filter cartridge options in various styles and applications.

Whole house filter cartridges differ according to the type of filter.

Some of the commonly known examples include the Active Carbon Filters.

This kind of cartridge is amongst the most used as it contains an assortment of contaminants such as dust.

The porous membrane filters out 83 types of chemical substances and a portion of 50 types of other pollutants from the environment, allowing for efficient operation.

But although that’s possible, it isn’t effective for filtered metals and ions. Inorganics. Bacteria and viruses, and other things. Sediment filters are used for the removal of dust, dirt and rust from water and other materials.

How do 10-inch activated carbon filter cartridges work?

Most common filter cartridges used for the water treatment process in a home are active carbon.

Activated carbon is processed carbon or charcoal that is highly porous in nature and has a large surface area.

The carbon is highly molecularly attached, and any impurities found in water such as chlorine are bound to activated carbon.

The CDC says any chlor concentration above 4 milligrams per liter poses health risks for the health of the human body.

Generally active carbon is either granulated or a carbon block type, but can also contain granulated cellulose.

GAC filtering uses a thin film that looks like sand.

Big Blue sediment filter cartridge is a combination filter from Pureplus.

The entire house water filters are made out of three layers of polypropylene and an additional layer of activated coconuts.

This three layer polyethylene is used as sediment filters to remove dirt, rust and other debris.

Coconut Carbon filtration layer has an odor control system which helps to eliminate chlorine, cloudiness and other contaminants from water.filtration systems can have many variations in designs.

They are usually mounted on the water line and installed before the electric tankless hot water system.

Once water arrives, there will always be a prefilter for sediments. This filter medium can remove large particle sizes from the soil including sediments and other similar sediments.

If water enters this chamber, it passes to a carbon filter. The filter’s membrane contains hundreds of micro holes and millions of small pores.The cartridge can be used for the whole house filtering of contaminated waste water in combination with a sediment filter system.

Sediment traps can remove large particles in tap water from the home such as dust, dirt, and other pollutants.

Sediments filters can be used in conjunction with multistage home water filtering for multiple purposes.

A sediment filter is essential to keep downstream filter lines clean by preventing large particle accumulation.

This can also improve efficiency of your entire water filter, and ensure its highest performance.

This might seem obvious, but for clarification: water filter cartridges are cans containing filtering media.

Water filter cartridges are most commonly found in multilayer filtration systems.

These cartridges are installed within the filters inside.

Cartridges usually carry the filters for some amount of time or life.

Once contaminated media becomes saturated the cartridge has to be replaced within the filter.

Note we only mention filters in these guides, not the other filters for media, processes, & technological processes.

Common Chemicals Removed by the Whole House Filter Cartridge

From pesticides to trihalomethanes, many chemicals enter our water system.

With a good chemical filter however, it may remove almost all


It is an advanced e.g. septic filter and carbon water filter cartridge manufactured in Icepure.

This filter consists of 10″x2.5″, and is compatible with the most standard reverse osmosis water filters in the home.

The filters contain three layered carbon block filters (not granulated carbon) giving it a higher density and surface.

The outer layer is designed for the removal of dirt or other heavy sediments.

The middle layer removes up to 98 percent chloride and other chemical products.

Its core removes particles and organisms up to micron size.

Combo filter cartridges

Pureplus is a 10-inch filter cartridge that consists of both outer and inner carbon filters and a sediment filter inside.

It can remove large amounts of sand, dirt and silica from water and will help prevent water damage to your house.

The cellulose core is designed to eliminate harmful tastes and scents like those caused by pesticides or herbicides.

10-inch standard cartridge

They are about 10-inch long x 2.5 inch that will fit almost any 10-inch home water filter including big blue system.

The water filter is also compatible with most water filter types including Culligan, Dupont & Kenmore. 10 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

30,000 gallon capacity

According to the water quality, this filter cartridge may last up to 33,000 gallons or six months of service. It’s an incredibly good filter cartridge.

How long will a whole house water filter cartridge last?

A critical factor is the water capacity on the filter. Soon the cartridge gets stuck in the dirt, and a periodic filter change is needed to provide maximum performance at high speeds.

Usually filters last between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons.

How should you replace an entire household filter when the water pressure drops?

In most situations filter cartridges need replacing every six months, while the filter replacement is once every three months.

Some water filters are rinsed or cleaned and can be repurposed as long as they last, like the Aquaboon Sediment filters.

Standard 10-inch filter cartridges

Usually, when you use a house water filter, you have to replace your filter cartridge.

Fortunately, for 10 in filters you will find many filter cartridges to suit your needs.

The two most common are activated carbon filters and sediment filters.

Several are combination carbon/sediment filters. The standard 10 inches are 10″x5.5″ in diameter and 10″x2.5″.

The 10″x5″ inch is the standard size for this big blue housewater filter system type system.

These standard size sizes will fit GE, Cuilligan, Kenmore 3M, Dupont, and many other water filters for homes.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a water filter cartridge types

Benefits – High-quality water No matter what reliability the local water provider has, tap water contains bacteria, contaminants, sediments, and pollutants. It requires a water filter.

Guide to buying

Complete house filtered water can be installed at the water station of your home with ease.

This can include bathtubs, showers and other fixtures.

This product is very popular in the market with varying shapes and styles.

Micron Ratings

The micron is the standard measurement of filter sizes. The filter cartridges in a home may have a size between 5 microns and 10 microns.

Well, your hairs are about 70 microns and some sediment filter may catch particles within the range of the nanometer.

The filters are rated with microns by the manufacturer. It explains that removing particles to the smallest sizes is effective.

Nominal vs. absolute

Normally, a nominal millimeter rating indicates the filter blocker’s at least 80% particle size from their metric millimeter rating.

Generally speaking, one-micron filters can remove about 80 per cent of particles larger than 1-micron in water.

Absolute ratings also demonstrate that filters can effectively remove particles down to a specific amount of space.

This filter is applied where efficiency is important. A sediment filter for homes with a 10-millimeter absolute capacity can catch particles up to 10 microns deep inside the system.

Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Sizes

Generally, the size of the filters is four different: 2.5″ x 20″, 4.5” x 10″ e.g. 5.5″ x 20″.

Although a few people prefer larger sizes they lower the pressure and therefore are unsuitable in most instances.

Besides you may select other proprietary size options which is not recommended for two reasons:.

Granular Activated Carbon Filtration

The granular activated carbon absorbs contaminants by adsorption and chemical reaction.

It’s one of the most popular whole house filtering media because it removes harmful substances and removes contaminated food and other waste.

Granulated activated carbon filters are more commonly used in home applications than carbon filters (as seen below) because it allows for higher flow rates.


They are also dubbed ultraviolet filters. The canister is installed within where UV lighting kills microorganisms.

UV light destroys DNA of these microorganisms by inactivating their DNA in water to stop reproduction.

This feature is unique to UV filter cartridges. Those that contain bacteria viruses or other types of bacteria are most effective at removing them.

Carbon Blocks

Carbon filtered blocks are composed of activated carbon attached by a binder.

It is later molded to form a cartridge-filter corresponding to desired shape.

Carbon blocks are nominally capable of 0.5 to 10 microns. They therefore reduce lead as a whole, including cryptosporidia and giardia.

KDF filter cartridges

KDF filters are designed with redox reactions removing water contamination. Copper-zinc is used in removing lead mercury ions from the water. It also helps prevent bacteria to accumulate in the filters. Usually KDF is added to carbon filters for an extremely broad spectrum of pollutants.

Iron Filters

Iron filter removes iron common to all water. First, the oxidations transform a metal to ferrous by oxidation into solid ferric. The corrosion is subsequently caught inside the filter medium.

Activated Alumina

They contain active alumina granules in them. AA is largely used for absorbing arsenic and fluorid. Besides uranium thallium, there are also other toxic materials to be eliminated.

Physical Whole House Water Filter Cartridge Types

A physicochemical filter removes particulate particles from your drinking water. In some situations, sand, sediment, or dirt can be removed through the physical filtering.

Absorptive filters

Absorptive filter has risen significantly since its debut and for good reason. Both have been designed with a deep and pleated design. These filter cartridges are often designed with electrochemical absorption, attracting negative charge microorganisms. It also traps tiny particles which pass through traditional filters. Generally, these particles capture particle sizes as tiny at a depth of up to 1.2 microns however can contain colloidal particles larger than two micrometres.

Deep Filter Cartridges (String Wound, Melt Blown, Spun)

A large glass of water and dirt on the lips is the most awful experience of our lives! A few good depth filters have saved my day. It is necessary for the filter to penetrate sand or dirt into the water. The depth filter comes in various materials like fiberglass and polypropylene. Often they have a higher density structure. As water passes, the filter becomes tighter and then catch large particles and keep the smaller particles in the same place.

Surface Filter Cartridges (Pleated)

Often called a “pleated filter” (because of their acorn shape), this whole house filter cartridge contains thin sheets of dirt. This pleated arrangement gives this filter a larger area of coverage. They therefore have higher ability to hold particles and thus offer filtered water longer. What’s the best thing about this book? It is washable and re-usable several times so you will not need to spend a fortune to buy it.

Sediment Filters

The first water purification cartridges that we will be discussing will be the sediment filters. These subcategories contain solid particles within the filter medium and let clean air in. Note that most physical filters will not eliminate chemical, heavy metal salt or macro-organisms. Instead, these are targeted at tiny pieces that typically are larger than 1 micron.

What are the 3 types of water filters?

List of 5 filter styles. Mechanical Filter. Activator filter. Filtration for storage. Filtering by the electron exchange. Reverse osmosis filtering. Filter mechanically. Absorbent filter. Filter for storage. Ion exchangers. Reverse osmosis filters.

What are the different types of water filter cartridges?

6 types of water filter cartridges. Cartridge for filtration of sediments. … Cartouches in a Plastic. … Reverse osmosis membranes. Cartridges. … Cartridge of ionisation filters for alkalinities and ions. … Active Carbon Filter Cartridges. … Ultraviolence cartridge. Cartridge for sedating filters. … Filtration ceramics Cartridge. The ” Reverse osmosis membranes. … Alkaline Ionicizer Filter Cartridge. … Carbon filter cartridges. … Cartridge Ultraviolette.

How do I know what filter cartridge to buy?

You can check for filter cartridges by following the following steps. Measure the width of the endcap. Ensure precise measurements (+ or + 1/32″ Measure cartridge size. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Measure bottom inside height of the building. … Measuring bottom in diameter. … Choose the right top-down type.

What filters more 5 micron or 10 micron?

These scores filter below the 5 m. Filtered with ten micron strengths may remove unidentified material from liquids without viruses. 10 microns are still small and can help many industries, from oil and chemicals, because their filters are so efficient.

Which is better 5 micron or 20 micron?

The average diameter of the openings in the filter medium is expressed in microns. The opening in a 20-micron filter can be larger than a five-micron filter. Consequently, a 20 mm filter allows larger particles through the filter than 5 mm particles.

Are all whole house water filters the same?

The filter does not have a universal design. Various water filters perform different tasks. Some of your water tastes better compared to others. There are dozens of different kinds of filters to remove contaminants from your filtered water. Not every person should have a water filter.

How do I know what filter cartridge I need?

Measure the diameter of the cartridge. Use a ruler to measure diagonally.

Which whole house water filter removes the most contaminants?

The Springwell CF+ Whole House System is the best full home water purification solution for a clean water environment and eliminates 99.6% of contaminants. Its life span is 500,000 gallon, the pump is pumped at 9gallons/min at water pressure and has a water pur

What micron is best for whole house water filter?

The advantage of Wholehouse Filter Housing is that you can try different filters in different cartridge sizes. Typically, pleated filter cartridges are recommended and paired with an 25/1 micro-depth filter.

What are the 4 types of water filters?

Four types of drinking water filters: Active cadmium. Active carbon is also called activated charcoal, or active carbon, which reduces contaminant levels in the atmosphere. = = Distillation. … Reverse osmosis. … Ultra ultraviolets. Active carbon. Active carbon, also called activated charcoal or active carbon, has a high porous content which reduces organic contaminants. … Distillery. ‘ ” Using reverse Osmosis technology. … Ultraviolet lights.

Which is better 1 micron or 5 micron filter?

The larger the micron, the higher. Imagine microns like sieves. A five micron water filter will remove small particles from your eyes and then filter it out of the water. Using a 1 millimetre filter removing debris can also be done without the need for a telescope.

Are all whole house filters the same?

It’s not always the same for every filter. It is estimated that water contamination in a filtration system can be eliminated at 99% or 50% –

Which water filter is better 1 micron or 5 micron?

The lower the micrometer the more accurate. Try to imagine microbes as a sieve. The five micron water filter will filter out the tiny particles that you see, but the larger particles get through the water. Alternatively, one micron filter removes particles that aren’t seen by naked eyes.

Standard housings include four sizes. Taking a measuring device measure between the bottom end and the bottom of the cap.

How do I know what size water filter I need?

A typical household filter would be about 4.5”x20” in size compared to 4.5 inches. A larger house may require filter installations that have a flow rate between 25 gpm and 1/4″ ports.

What is the most effective type of water filter?

Reverse Osmosis (0.0001 ) Reverse Osmosis has been widely recognized for its efficiency as a water filtration for residential houses. And it will really help with water contamination.

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